The Weekly Dump 5.17.19

Another Innocent Woman Punched in the Face in Downtown Santa Cruz

Monday afternoon around 1PM, an innocent woman was punched in the face after she was assaulted next to her car in a parking lot at Front and Cathcart streets in downtown Santa Cruz. After SCPD responded to a report of an attempted robbery, they found a female victim who told officers she was walking back to her car when she noticed a man looking into her vehicle and pulling on the door handles trying to gain entry. When she told him to get away from the car, he cussed at her and punched her in the face and attempted to take her purse. After the victim’s daughter and a bystander pushed him off the victim, the bum ran off down Front Street. SCPD found him a few hours later and the 42 year old transient was arrested for felony attempted robbery. This serial recidivist BUM has a long history with local law enforcement. Since 2014, SCPD has arrested him more than 17 times for charges related to drugs, battery, and indecent exposure.

Here we are dealing with the county’s BUM trash once again. This guy was in their FIT program! FAIL. Can I just say that one more time? FAIL! County probation. The gift that keeps on giving us guys like this daily.

Pregnant Woman Assaulted at Taco Bell

Tuesday morning, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies and the CHP responded to a report of a female driver who was ramming other cars in the parking lot of a Taco Bell in Aptos. When one of the victims, who was also pregnant, got out of her car, she was assaulted by the woman who was ramming cars. The suspect also reportedly bit a Taco Bell employee who tried to intervene. She was arrested (by Sheriff Jim Hart himself apparently) and taken to county jail on a number of charges.

Beaten in the Head With a Bat in Front of the Homeless Services Center

Around 2PM on Thursday, I heard a report about a man who was beating another guy in the head with a baseball bat in front of the Homeless Services Center on Coral Street. The victim went inside the clinic at the HSC after the suspect left in a car. SCPD sent numerous units to Harvey West Park to look for the suspect. The victim was uncooperative with SCPD and taken to Dominican for his injuries. SCPD got the plate of the car that left with the suspect and waited at his house for him to come home. No idea if they ever arrested him.

Nobody Wants the Harm Reduction Road Show

In some of the least surprising news this week, more and more public officials are “publicly” coming out against this shitshow in the making known as the “Harm Reduction Road Show”. Now I’m hearing the braintrust behind all this, who has done ZERO outreach to any of the communities she wants to dump her needles in, made all kinds of mistakes on her application. She lists one of her locations as being in Watsonville, but the location is actually in Pajaro (in Monterey County) and now we’ve got a whole new county pissed off and against this now. This comes after she listed one of the locations at the Salvation Army in Santa Cruz, without their permission of course!

I just gotta say I love Captain Harold. He’s been in charge of the new River street camp and I can appreciate his no bullshit attitude and firm grip on running this camp. The kooks (like Bad Mom) don’t like him much, which makes me like him even more!

We’re in the final days of public comments on this application. If you haven’t signed the petition opposing this terrible idea, click the red banner at the top of the page and it will take you to the petition. We’ve collected over 3300 signatures opposing this just from our petition alone. Nobody wants this. Supervisors Ryan Coonerty and Bruce McPherson wrote a letter to the state in opposition. So did Sheriff Jim Hart. SCPD Chief Andy Mills is against it. City leaders from Scotts Valley to Watsonville have spoken out against it. Even Joe Heston of KSBW did an editorial opposing this. Stop the proliferation of needles in our community. That’s “harm reduction”.

More from KSBW.

SCPD Chases Suspected Gunman Around the Boardwalk

Last Friday night around 6PM, a report came in about a person who reported a man was about to shoot up his house on the 300 block of Main near Third, and a neighbor also called police saying they saw a man standing outside the house with a gun. The suspect was last seen leaving the scene in a red Kia. SCPD sent multiple units around the beach flats and lower ocean neighborhoods to look for the car before finding the car at Beach and 3rd streets parked at a meter. They witnessed two men matching the descriptions of the suspects go into the Boardwalk casino. A number of suspects were stopped and questioned but I didn’t hear of any arrests.

SCPD Tases Man Downtown on Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon around 5PM, SCPD responded to Front and Soquel after getting reports of some type of disturbance. SCPD responded to the scene and ended up tasing someone in the process. Fire and EMR were requested to deal with the aftermath. A 31 year old transient from Utah was arrested for car theft and resisting arrest.

Complying the Hard Way

Sunday around 5PM, SCPD responded to the parking lot of a business on the 1100 block of Water street in Santa Cruz, where they found a man in a stolen car who refused to comply and was forced to comply the hard way. He was arrested and taken to county jail.

Rescued Treasures Burglarized Again

This past week, a transient bum broke the front window of the Rescued Treasures store on Front street in downtown Santa Cruz.  They stole some spare change sitting on a table. The suspect was caught on video but apparently nobody has been arrested so far.

Busted in the Head With a Bottle Near the Boardwalk

Tuesday night around 11:30PM, someone was struck in the head with a bottle and robbed of their cellphone near the corner of Leibrandt and Beach. Nobody was arrested and police haven’t identified any suspects.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Monday night around 9PM, SCPD arrested a 51 year old man on the 100 block of Campbell street for an outstanding parole warrant. The next morning, he was also arrested for being a sex registrant out of compliance.

Drunk San Jose Woman Kills Teenager on Highway 17

Saturday morning around 2AM, a 28 year old woman from San Jose who was drunk and driving the wrong way on Highway 17 crashed head on into another car, killing a 16 year old boy from Fremont. Four other teenagers were also injured in the crash. A CHP officer spotted the drunk woman’s Chrysler minivan driving in the wrong direction and turned around to follow, but the crash happened before he caught up to the driver. The car she hit had 5 teenagers inside. Three of them were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The Fremont teen who was killed was sitting in the backseat and was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. She was arrested on charges of felony driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter after she was released from the hospital for injuries she sustained in the crash.

Just Give Them a Reason to Pull You Over

Early Wednesday morning, Scotts Valley Police stopped an SUV with a fake registration and found the 23 year old driver was unlicensed. He also had about 15 grams of Ketamine in his possession, along with over $12,000 in cash and a digital scale. He was arrested.

Springtime For Hitler!

And just when you think you’ll get a fairly benign, boring city council meeting because there wasn’t a single homeless related item on the agenda, the clown car drives straight into a ditch.

At one point during the city council meeting this week, a number of the same old, marginal, irrelevant, pain in the ass progressive human barnacles (led by Bob Noise of course) started flinging their arms up to salute their Führer. We all knew Bob Noise loves Hitler, but who knew Crabby Abbi loves Hitler so much?  And who is this Elise Scheiße Kopf, who seemingly is an expert on everything except how to get a job she didn’t make up? She apparently loves Hitler too. Who knew we had so many closet Nazis in Santa Cruz? And what a brilliant idea to hide behind a fake “progressive” skin.

And what were these Nazi loving dingleberries so upset about? The inability of anti-Semites to have their usual 5 minutes? Basically, yes. They were upset that their TV times were taken away from them, and in typical, narcissistic fashion, they threw a toddler worthy temper tantrum, complete with salutes to their Führer.  And what was up with all the vocal fellatio that Sweety Muffin Top was getting at that meeting? I wonder who organized all that? I’m guessing it was his interns that were blowing that horn. And the dumb black and white signs were back in the crowd. How convincing.

Mayor Martine Watkins had to clear the council chambers twice and give the kids a time out. Chris Krohn and Drew Glover seemed to be in support of their Nazi loving friends. They both wanted to extend the time allowed for Glover’s vocal fellatio but the others obviously had enough and said “no mas“. That’s when Crabby Abbi just got up and rambled on anyways, about the same shit she always complains about. Talk about a walking dumpster fire. Tired, marginal, irrelevant. Check.

Later in the meeting, Cummings requested that the council reconsider plans approved earlier in the evening to discuss city ordinances seen as having a disproportionate effect on residents without homes at a future meeting. He’s basically tired of talking about the homeless and said the city does have other business it needs to deal with. The rest of the city council decided to wait until after their July recess to discuss it, against the wishes of Harry and Lloyd, who left early and took their fractured egos home.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies have arrested two men they think were involved in a recent string of commercial burglaries in the Soquel and Aptos areas. In the past 2 months, there have been 17 burglaries reported in the Soquel/Aptos area. In one case, one suspect was confronted by the business owner. He fled the scene but deputies were able to identify him as the suspect. He was found and arrested. He’s been arrested 9 times since 2016. In the other case, a 42 year old man was found with thousands of dollars in stolen jewelry which was stolen from a business on Soquel Drive on April 30th. He’s been arrested 5 times since 2015.

Adrian Gonzalez to be Tried as an Adult

Adrian Gonzalez will be tried as an adult for killing 8 year old Maddy Middleton after a Santa Cruz County judge ruled on Thursday that SB-1391 was unconstitutional in this case. Gonzalez is accused of sexually assaulting and murdering Middleton in 2015 when he was 15 years old. Under SB-1391, juvenile suspects cannot be charged as an adult. This case will go to an appellate court following this ruling.

Weekly Shoutouts!

Lots of people to thank and give a weekly shoutout to this week. Shoutout and thanks to Ryan Coonerty and Bruce McPherson from the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Jim Hart, SCPD Police Chief Andy Mills, Captain Harold from the Salvation Army, as well as my Avenger friends Melissa, Joe, Sharon, Damon, Paige, Ashley, Fritz, Gabby, and so many others helping alert the community about this needle fiasco, and especially everyone who signed our petition!

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  1. SB1391 is going to have go to the California Supreme Court.
    California Court Upholds Contested State Law that Keeps Youth Under 16 Out of Adult Prison:
    “An appellate court in California has upheld the controversial 2018 law that prevents youth under the age of 16 from entering the adult criminal justice system.”
    “The appellate court decision sets the stage for the case to be taken to the California Supreme Court.”

  2. The Weekly Dump is my favorite thing about Thursdays. It’s hilarious and informative.

  3. Ben I have to say that your comment about the “clown car drives straight into a ditch” has me chuckling every time I think about that hilarious sentence. I first heard about the Hitler salutes and Jessica York’s piece on the city council meeting fiasco of this week -but she just can’t hold a candle to your colorful use of the English language in describing things as they really happen. It’s hard to believe that the bums are running the show and that we have such an inept clowncil.

  4. I was working in the gateway plaza this Monday, and who should walk in fresh out of jail, but the guy who punched the lady in the face downtown wanting a free drink. When I denied him, he started asking other customers to buy him one, so I asked him politely to please leave. Of course he didnt, he yelled screamed, so I called the police. Why is this BUM free? What will it take murder to keep this ass$%#@ where he belongs?

  5. Just the Facts

    I attended the Santa Cruz Neighbors meeting on Thursday evening at the SCPD when the clown car showed up again. Noise,McHenry,and their posse showed up to chastise Cummings for not supporting Glover or their extended rants. The mind boggling aspect of this display is that this group now are trying to change the narrative irregardless of the known facts. There were no quantities of needles, or trash, or stolen property in Camp Bernal. There were no workers who became ill during and after the clean-up. It was all a “hype job”(quote) by the city to displace the unfortunate! All they did was complain that the city did not give them more. An amazing display willful ignorance.

    • Thanks for that info. The attacks by the Kook Army on Cummings have completely undermined and basically destroyed any “progressive majority” on the city council. That ship has now sailed and it’s not coming back. Personally, I’m thrilled Cummings is asserting himself and distancing himself from the daily dumpster fire led by Glover and Krohn. He’s too smart to be their bitch or their fool. If anything, he played them. And now we see why Watkins endorsed him. Glover and Krohn destroyed what “progressive majority” they had with their egos and their narcissism. I’ll be discussing this more on my next podcast.

    • Just to clarify – I was referring to the city council as the “clown car” – but it might include all of the other kooks that show up [at CC meetings] since they are all part of the same circus. I’m waiting for the first load of illegal immigrants to show up in Santa Cruz because this will open a new tent in the circus.?

  6. here’s a message. Don’t go down town Santa Cruz. You may get attacked by a Bum…. (give him another free meal Santa Cruz)

    • When I chance to allow one of our downtown sidewalks solicitors to see me smiling I’m usually targeted for “spare change “. My favorite response that seems to crack open the rusty doors of their perception is a cordial face to face reply given while stopped and smiling compassionately
      “The change needed Sir (or young man/lady) is WITHIN YOU!”. Holding the face to face pause and compassionate smile while the beggee’s face turns from puzzlement ? to realization ? and often a return smile ? is our reward.

      • I used to smile and say “No thank you” like they were offering me something. Confused everyone.

      • greenweenie

        My favorite response is to stop, dig change out of my pocket, look at it and say “Yes, I do have spare change.” Then I put it back in my pocket and walk away.

        • gw: Are you a time traveler? Yr reply posts 6:25 pm 5/22 and it’s now 3:40pm same day! Anyway perhaps you’re eligible for “compassion retraining”…..

          • Oops! Time discrepancy is on this website server!

          • LOL! It would be cool to be a time traveler. I would first get my compassion retraining and then go back in time to ascertain whether there were homeless dinosaurs.

  7. I wouldn’t be opposed to a true needle exchange where it was one for one, but just handing them out willy nilly isn’t so much harm reduction as it is a harm shift – onto people of the community and their pets.

    • Or require cash ? “on the barrel head” -a buck per needle. If you can pay for the nails you can afford the hammer ? =? !!

  8. I’d like to add Vice Mayor Justin Cummings to the list of shoutouts. Redirecting the Council Calendar to recognize the wide breadth of City business was extremely necessary but also bold. The Vice Mayor will have to endure even more wrath from those who spent their two minutes praising Councilmember Glover. I do not doubt the Vice Mayor’s compassion for those experiencing homelessness. His recognition that the City is multifaceted can only help ensure the City meets the needs of all constituents. The myopic focus of Councilmember Glover does not boost tourism, extend transportation, or increase job opportunities,; it hurts the City and therefore those experiencing homelessness.

  9. I am extremely glad to see Councilman Cummings coming into his own. It must be awful to be continually berated and listen to the droning of Grohn (Glover and Krohn). Council meetings must be exhausting.

  10. It sounds as if the City Counsel meetings are descending into chaos. How can anything get addressed with the crazies dominating the agenda? Poor Santa Cruz. But, Ben, I do think your message is being heard farther and wider all the time so keep reporting! Please. More and more people like me, outside city limits but inside county, are waking up to the problems and are becoming interested in becoming part of the solution. Your petition was a good way for me to get involved and so keep reporting and leading the charge.

  11. Gabriellle

    So good to hear about Cummings being a voice of reason. We sure need that right now.

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