The Weekly Dump 7.23.21

Transient Death off Shaffer Road Ruled an Overdose

This week, the Santa Cruz County Coroner’s Office ruled that a man found dead last week next to an RV on Shaffer Road died of a drug overdose. The 36 year old male died July 15th outside a parked recreation vehicle in an area that has become a small village of transient RVs, cars, and campers. SCPD had initially considered the death a possible homicide but the coroner ruled that out.

Suicidal Person Shuts Down Highway 1

Wednesday afternoon, a suicidal person hung out on the La Fonda overpass off of Highway 1, shutting down all traffic along the highway between Soquel and 41st Avenue. Unsubstantiated reports indicated the male had run away from nearby Dominican Hospital and was possibly being treated for mental illness. In this case, the man was talked off the overpass and was taken into custody. Traffic around Santa Cruz was completely gridlocked for hours while this was going on, as freeway traffic was diverted onto nearby surface roads and through neighborhoods.

Speedy Delivery

Last Friday, deputies from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s office responded to Mesa Drive in Aptos for a report of a mail theft. After locating suspects and a vehicle nearby. a search of the vehicle turned up a large amount of stolen mail from numerous victims, fake identification cards, a credit card embosser, drugs, and drug paraphernalia. Two men were arrested and booked into the County Jail on multiple charges.

Another Speedy Delivery

Friday night, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies located an occupied stolen vehicle. During a search, deputies found stolen ID cards, credit cards, and mail. The suspected thief was booked on multiple charges and taken to jail.

Highlighting the Idiocy of AB109

Last week, SCPD stopped a vehicle leading to the arrest of a felon on “Post Release Community Supervision” (PRCS), for possession of a sawed-off shotgun, ammunition, possession of drugs for sale, parole violations and a multitude of other charges. When SCPD arrested him, he was out on PRCS. What is Post-Release Community Supervision? In 2011, California’s “Realignment” Law (AB109) created a new form of community supervision under which certain people leaving state prison are monitored by the probation departments of each county, instead of by state parole. This new form of supervision is called Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS). By the way, he’s already out of jail on the drugs and weapons charges. If by “monitored”, they meant watch him walk through the local jail turnstiles, it seems to be working.

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

Saturday night around 10:30PM, SCPD responded to the Municipal Wharf after getting reports of a physical altercation in front of Olita’s. By the time they arrived, one suspect had jumped off the wharf into the water and decided to try to evade police by swimming to main beach. SCPD was on the beach waiting for him when he came ashore, and when he resisted arrested, he got tased too. I imagine getting tased while you’re dripping wet sucks pretty bad. The 53 year old male suspect was arrested on the beach near the east cliff trestle for felony battery, trespassing, defrauding an innkeeper, drunk in public, and resisting arrest. He’s not in jail so maybe he got one of those Get Out of Jail free cards!

Man on a Mission

Last Sunday morning around 2AM, SCPD responded to the 2400 block of Mission Street arrested a 51 year old male and charged him with trespassing, felony resisting arrest, drug possession, and he had an outstanding bench warrant. He was taken to jail and his bail was set at $5K.

SCPD Isn’t Mething Around Here

Monday night, a member of SCPD was out on patrol when they spotted someone they knew had outstanding warrants. A search of the suspect and his property resulted in new charges of methamphetamine sales and possession of a stolen credit card. He was arrested and last check he’s still in county jail.

Greasing the Turnstile for Local Gangbangers

This past Monday, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Belvedere Terrace for reports of someone slumped over in a vehicle. After they arrived, they contacted two people sitting in the reported vehicle who were both on searchable probation. They found two firearms located on the driver side floorboard. The driver was taken into custody for being a felon in possession of a firearms and ammunition. Two days later he was out of jail.

Kind of Blue

Last Friday around 8PM, SCPD responded to the West Cliff Inn for a report of a female transient who jumped the hotel counter and threatened to stab an employee with a broken wine glass. She also spread blue paint all over the counter surface and herself and threatened to jump out a second story window.

One For You 19 For Me

He’s the axe man. Yeah the axe man. Friday night around 11PM, SCPD responded to the McDonald’s on Mission Street after getting a report of someone being threatened by a person holding an axe. They found a 22 year old suspect, who had outstanding out of county warrants, who seemingly wasn’t arrested.

Bum Paradise

Friday night around 7:00PM, SCPD responded to a location on Felker Street after getting a report of a male who got beat up. After arriving, they found the victim on the east levee with a bloody face who was apparently attacked with some kind of stick or branch. The suspect was reportedly headed back to his camp back in Bum Paradise. The victim was transported to Dominican. No idea if anyone was actually arrested.

That Pesky COVID is Still Around and Causing Problems

This past Thursday, health officials from seven different administrations held a news conference to discuss recent cases of the COVID delta variant. In Santa Cruz County, 11 people have tested positive for the delta variant. Four are in the hospital, all of them are unvaccinated. While the number of cases is not overwhelming, they are all unvaccinated individuals. Since Santa Cruz is a tourist destination, there is concern about national and international visitors who are not inoculated potentially spreading the virus.

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  1. Stupid female transient, didn’t she know she was supposed to jump out of the second-story window first, and then threaten to stab the hotel employee?

  2. MuyDeplorable

    Oh my, the bum news is bad this week. As for the guy who jumped off the wharf and swam to the east trestle… How many of us could do that while sober?

    National news seems to indicate that nearly all new COVID cases are among the unvaccinated. Hard to tell whether there is a political slant to that. And among those unvaccinated, a high (but not overhwelming) percentage also have other medical problems. I know two unvaccinated locals. One of them doesn’t like vax because it’s not all-natural organic wor whatever. The other one thinks it’s a Trump conspiracy.

    Afterthought: I wonder if any of the bums do NOT have a drug problem?

  3. Call me heartless. The next time anyone ties up traffic for hours, let them jump. Think of all the people unable to pick up their children, help their elderly parents, get back to work, get to work, you name it. At some point, it’s get off the bridge, come down and we’ll help. But refusing for hours. Well screw it.

  4. OK Mabel, I’ll take the bait: you, or at least your comment, is heartless. Yes, everyone, including me, was inconvenienced by the closure. It was a matter of life and death. My inconvenience and yours too is not in the same category. The guy had a mental health episode and yet you expect him to have a rational discussion with the crisis team and then decide to come down of his own volition?

    • It was an over the top drama. Anyone who threatens to commit suicide in full view of hundreds, if not thousands, has done so intentionally (no matter how mentally unstable). It was an incredibly selfish act.

  5. Regarding “Kind of Blue” – to be honest, I have wanted to do that a number times when hotels have screwed me over.

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