The Weekly Dump 10.1.21

Pipe Bomb Found at Harbor High School

Yesterday (Saturday) around 7PM, Santa Cruz Police responded to reports of an explosion on the 300 Block of La Fonda. After arriving, police located a makeshift pipe bomb stuck into the chain-link fencing on the baseball field of Harbor High School. The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad responded to deal with it as well. A reverse 911 was issued to nearby residences in the area. Apparently nobody has been arrested and I haven’t heard about any suspects.

Carjacking Near the Boardwalk Leads to Police Chase

Saturday night (yesterday) around 10:30PM, Santa Cruz Police responded to the 200 Block of Riverside Avenue after getting reports of a carjacking. The victim was reportedly sitting in his car listening to music when two suspects approached his vehicle and demanded he get out before they maced him in the face. Responding officers saw the car going eastbound on San Lorenzo Blvd. and Bixby Street and a high speed chase ensued before the car crashed into a parked vehicle near Eaton Street and 8th Avenue. SCPD set up a perimeter and with assistance froth the Sheriff’s Office, did a yard to yard search. They finally located an 18 year old male suspect from Sacramento, who was arrested for carjacking and felony evading. There were no injuries.

Airing Out Our Dirty Laundry

Last Saturday night around 11PM, SCPD responded to a business on Soquel Avenue after a couple of people were seen on surveillance video attempting to break into a vehicle. The female in the pair had a laundry list of warrants and charges attached to her, including vehicle theft, battery, resisting arrest, drug possession, and more. Last check she’s still in jail on a no bail hold. The male was no longer in jail.

Dumpster Diving for Santa Clara’s Trash

Last Thursday morning around 11:30AM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Front Street where they arrested a 31 year old male behind the dumpster of Las Palmas Taco Bar who had two out of county warrants for burglary. Santa Clara authorities were supposed to pick him up but he’s listed as “PTA” on the arrest report so maybe the Sheriff gave him a free pass before they got there.

Waving His Knife on the Way Out 

Tuesday afternoon around 1PM, SCPD responded to the Pacific Wave surf shop on Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz after getting reports that a guy stole a bunch of clothing before threatening an employee with a knife on the way out the door. He was last seen jumping into a Gold Cadillac. Nobody was seemingly arrested.

Wave a Shotgun and Still Get Your Jumbo Jack

Last night, SCPD responded to the Jack in the Box on Ocean Street for yet another road rage incident in the drive thru. This time, a driver brandished a shotgun at someone before SCPD Officers responded, conducting a high risk traffic stop and arrested a 36 year old male for brandishing a firearm, possession of a loaded shotgun and DUI. You’d think he might go to jail for that kind of thing. Not here. “Emergency Bail Release”. What a crock of mierda.

Pain in the Ass

Last Saturday night around 8:30PM, SCPD responded to the parking lot of the HindQuarter restaurant on the 300 block of Soquel after someone reported having a knife pulled on them by a transient. They found the suspect in front of Lloyd’s Liquors and eventually arrested a 50 year old male and charged him with making felonious criminal threats. He had outstanding warrants out of Texas, Idaho, and Nevada. He ended up facing 9 charges, including resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer, flashing a weapon, and making criminal threats. Last check he’s still in jail on a $25K bond.

Batter Up!

Saturday night around 8PM, SCPD responded to Ferrell’s on Ocean Street after getting reports that someone broke a window.  After breaking the window, the suspect took off down Ocean Street. Lots of cops were quick to respond to the call at the donut shop. Apparently the suspect broke the window after the owner swung a bat at him. They found some guy passed out behind the wheel of a running car in the parking lot. Maybe it was him? Maybe not.

Dropping In!

Tuesday night around 7:30PM, Santa Cruz Fire and Harbor Patrol along with SCPD responded to the area of Woodrow and West Cliff. Witnesses reported seeing a kite surfer or someone with some sort of parachute drop into the ocean. SCPD noticed some kind of blue flashing beacon light about a quarter mile offshore. They requested assistance from the Coast Guard from both the water and air. I didn’t hear if they rescued anyone, but I’m sure given the response I would have heard if someone died.

Third Time’s a Charm

Last Thursday around midnight, SCPD responded to the 1300 block of Pacific Avenue where they arrested a 26 year old male and charged him with being drunk in public, resisting arrest, drug possession, and having two felony probation violations. Last check he’s still in jail on a no bail hold for the felony probation violations.

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  1. So, they arrest a guy driving with a loaded shotgun AND he’s DUI AND he gets “Emergency Bail Release”??? How fucked up is that? Was he still drunk when they released him? Another shithole human cruising around in a shithole town.


    Love you long time? Come on Ben! Be better

  3. MuyDeplorable

    Apparently, a high-class burglar with a gold Cadillac? Maybe some tony upscale place gave him enough gas money to get here, instead of a one-way bus ticket.

    Don’t know about that paraglider (or whatever), but well-equipped gliders over the coast are likely to carry a method for quick-release from the glider or chute, and maybe the harness as well. Can’t swim otherwise. If that person had a blue lamp, then odds are good that quick-release was used.

    As for that loser with warrants from three other states: Sure gets around. Guess that Santa Cruz isn’t for amateurs anymore.

  4. Ditto for my comment Last week. I could just post it again but with the 2-5 people who comment every week I’m sure they don’t want to read it again, and who knows how many people actually read this awesome and very informative blog but I know it’s not enough. I’ve told at least 40-50 people in the years I’ve known about this blog even sending links. No one gives a crap unless there the ones getting victimized. So much for prevention and citizens taking a real stand and being as stubborn as the drug addicts who know they beyond completely allowed to be in Santa Cruz and do exactly whatever they want with absolutely no repercussions. In fact the opposite happens the more crimes they’ve committed The more they become a protected individual

    • The lack of comments doesn’t necessarily mean lack or readership or interest, as your two posts imply. Remember there are additional avenues that Ben uses, including twitter and podcasts.

      • Then why is the drug community 10x stronger and more active then those regular citizens that say they want this BS to stop but I don’t see any real stand against the BS. Actions speak louder then words. That’s what I’m mainly saying. I support Ben and wish his efforts could motivate a REAL REAL change in SC. Thanks for supporting Ben as well.

      • And when I look up his podcasts I just see the same stuff from 2 years ago. I follow him on Twitter as well.

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