The Weekly Dump 11.27.20

It’s Black Friday! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and the tryptophan hangover has tapered off. As we watch our COVID numbers spike locally, we don’t really have much to be thankful for right now. But we live here. And I’ll always be thankful for that. And for my family and friends. And for all of my readers, I am grateful for your attention span and support.

The Spike is Real

The latest numbers being reported by the Santa Cruz County Health Services department on COVID-19 shows a very pronounced spike beginning in November, with an especially high spike being seen last week. I’d make a guess the most recent spike from last week is related to the nursing home outbreak I talk about below, which by itself brought 68 new positive cases between staff and residents. I also fear the spike will continue and get worse as we go into the holiday season. Wear a mask! Avoid crowds. Take it seriously.

Another COVID-19 Outbreak at Local Nursing Facility

It was announced this week that dozens of COVID-19 cases have been reported at a nursing facility in Capitola. According to their parent company Covenant Care, the Pacific Coast Manor facility reported 39 residents have tested positive, with 5 of them having recovered. A total of 29 staff members have tested positive and 12 have recovered. The facility said all residents and staff will be tested for COVID-19, and it said it has screened staff before they enter, prohibited visitors, provided PPE, created an observation unit for new admissions and designated separate wings for COVID-19 positive residents in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

Not Newsworthy in Santa Cruz

Last Thursday morning around 2AM, Scotts Valley police arrested a 30 year old male and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, false imprisonment, robbery, making criminal threats, drug possession, being a felon in possession of a stun gun, domestic violence, identity theft, and numerous probation and parole violations. Charged with 14 charges, he’s currently in county jail on a $100,000 bond. Nothing in the local news about it. Back in 2012, the same guy was arrested on suspicion of assault and gang crimes for his alleged role in the shooting of a teen near the West Cliff trestle. He’s been arrested 11 times since 2016. We just never learn.

Our Local Sense of Entitlement

Monday afternoon around 4PM, SCPD responded to the 1700 block of Soquel Avenue after getting a report of a theft from a local business. The thief reportedly stole something before flashing a weapon on his way out the door. Police later arrested a 27 year old vagrant and charged him with theft, brandishing a weapon, and drug possession. He’s not in jail if you were wondering. Penny bail baby!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Last Thursday night, SCPD stopped a vehicle for a code violation. The driver was on probation, and in the subsequent search of his vehicle, police found a handgun and narcotics. The gunslinger was charged with a total of 10 counts, including having a concealed firearm in a car, being a felon in possession of a firearm, along with various drug possession charges and parole violations. He’s been arrested at least 22 times since 2013. We coddle him. We don’t punish him. We coddle him.

Watsonville Man Dies in Solo Vehicle Accident

Around 9:30AM on Friday morning, a homeowner called CHP after a driver on Amesti Road in Watsonville veered off the road before crashing into a tree in his yard. The male driver died at the scene. It’s unknown if alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash.

Rewarding a Local Hero

This week, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office awarded the Civilian Distinguished Service Medal, the highest civilian honor given by the Sheriff’s Office, to a local man who bravely stopped a raging madman killer in Ben Lomond who was terrorizing the community after ambushing and murdering a Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputy back in June. Sam, the man who apprehended the killer, lived nearby and heard a commotion. The suspected murderer went into Sam’s backyard, where he pulled out an assault rifle and told Sam to give him his car keys. After giving hime the keys, he tackled the suspect when he wasn’t looking and knocked the gun away from him. The suspect then tried to light a pipe bomb, which Sam wrestled away. The suspect then pulled a loaded handgun but Sam was able to get the weapon away from him. By then, neighbors joined Sam with their dog and helped detain the suspect until law enforcement arrived to arrest him.

The Santa Cruz City Council is Still Around Doing Stuff

Virtually anyways. First, I gotta say, does anyone really miss Drew Glover and Chris Krohn and their constant bitching and moaning? I sure as hell don’t. Could you imagine dealing with those two AND the pandemic? Whenever I think “could it get any worse?”, I remind myself yes, it could have been worse. It was one of the last city council meetings for outgoing city council members Katherine Beiers and Cynthia Mathews, two dinosaurs of Santa Cruz’s political machine power base. I feel like Katherine Beiers got snookered into running to fill the seat Krohn crapped on, and when she actually won she had to go back to work. At least it was virtual, and she made Zoom meetings entertaining at times. As for Cynthia Mathews, I appreciate her dedication to public service. I don’t always agree with her (take the garage/library for example), but I do respect her. I wish her the best with whatever comes next. Run for the 3rd district Board of Supervisors seat! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Ok, the meeting. I  didn’t watch it but thanks to some of the local news reports, I heard they passed the Santa Cruz Wharf “master plan” on a 5-2 vote. The two dissenters were Beiers and Brown. Progressives voting down and stalling growth and new development? What a predictable non-surprise. will guide any potential expansion of the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf for the next two to three decades. The council also approved the accompanying environmental impact report. They also approved new police reforms, although many of the 23 changes are already in place. The council voted 6-0 to support the changes, with Katherine Beiers absent. Beiers attended most of the online meeting but left during the night session without explanation.

Fire Relief Live Stream

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When Black Friday Comes

Steely Dan – Black Friday

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  1. oh no, it really is penny bail! thought you were joking with us.

  2. Are we really expected to believe city staff when they say the 40’ height of the “landmark building” for the end of the wharf is just a “placeholder” and that the public will have anything to say about the eventual height? Picture walking alongside 3-story buildings, with that huge building at the end. A smaller structure would not “pencil out”. And apparently the wharf needs to appeal to new demographics. Says who?

    • MuyDeplorable

      Well, with multi-story high-density condo housing, and cubicle jobs, the new deluge of residents might be frightened by a view of open space, especially over the bay. Better to bottle them in with high buildings.

  3. Paige Concannon

    Thank you so much for all
    that you do !! We would not know about all the Mierda that happens without you!! I did receive my new shirt, and another lovely mug I will take a picture for you!! I am curious about the person being arrested, that has been arrested many times including when he was arrested at the West Cliff trestle?? Wondering if he was also arrested at the East Cliff trestle. So sad about the covid spike in Capitola. The no visiting is so very heartbreaking. They need their family’s attention and LOVE !! This just makes all of us so sad.
    Thank you to Sam, ❤ the award is just a small token of his bravery that helped our community. I am so happy to call him our super hero !ll
    I do not miss the circus of the city council meetings!! Thank goodness, this is not happening anymore!! It is rather pleasant to actually watch the city council meetings on zoom. I do not agree with alot of things they talk about, but, I am so happy that we do not have to have to deal with those other two members during this pandemic !!
    Hope your Thanksgiving Day was a great one !!
    I am so thankful that you keep us all informed about our town/city ! Keep on keeping on !!! So many of us now keep a penny in our pocket!!
    Thank you

  4. It’s a coin toss the reason for K. Beiers absence is it went on past her bedtime. I suppose I can’t talk about the assault on the 1’st amendment the council perpetrated, do to this sites rules, but it’s a bit of a real obscenity. The council at times are leftist doorknobs that can be turned by political correctness at will, but in this case are making a mistake. Too bad you didn’t catch the meeting. I gave a plug for ending the turnstile justice they don’t seem to care about.

  5. How come there are so many people shopping today Saturday Nov. 28, 2020 at Costco and probably at every other department store? And act as if nothing is wrong? All while the virus is spiking. Oh and then the ones that want to impeach Gavin Newsom. Why can’t we impeach those people, for not having a clue? I think he should ban shopping or only have a limited amount of people in at a time, so that they can keep at least 6 ft apart. People that don’t at least try to stay apart should be fined.

    • No, I think that the panic mongers should be fined. Look, what causes global warming? Too many people! So, how to save the planet? Reduce the population? How to do that? Epidemic! After all, somebody will survive. As long as it’s me, all good. And as long as everyone else agrees that it’s all about me, then we are all in this together.

      I hope that the readers are not science-deniers. Or is that science-denyers? Not sure.

    • You do know Gavin lied about the amount of people at the French Laundry dinner he went to? It was 22, inside at times, no masks, no social distancing and a $15,000 bar tab! He should be impeached.

  6. Also, buy gift certificates to help save our local shops and restaurants, instead of buying something from in China.

  7. Also not newsworthy: The rapidly increasing tent city on the main beach. Why, its deja vu all over again. Remember, there is a state mandated covid curfew, but apparently not enforced for our beaches and parks if you bring a tent.

    • Actually, allowing the tents with a COVID curfew makes sense, although we don’t like it. The purpose of the curfew is to prevent social mingling with strangers, which is what happens at bars in the late evening. AFAIK that’s not how it works with tents on the beach. Indeed, when I was evacuated from Bonny Doon, I refused to go to a refugee center and mingle with strangers. Would rather have slept alone on the beach.

  8. Whoever bought the hoody the other day from the shop thanks!! I’ve got some new swag in the shop (Leopold) and will be adding more in the coming days. Makes great holiday gifts! Thanks to everyone who has bought and wears/uses my swag. If I ever see anyone wearing something in public on the street, I will personally introduce myself and say thanks!

  9. Thanks Ben. I have to say, the shipping from your shop was extremely fast and who can argue with Fruit of the Loom quality? Not me. And I’ll usually argue about anything.

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