The Weekly Dump 5.31.19

Stabbing Near the Boardwalk

Sunday night around 6:30PM, SCPD responded to a report of a possible gang fight near Third and Kaye streets in Santa Cruz. When they arrived, they found a 17 year old Watsonville man had been stabbed multiple times on his arms and torso. The suspects who attacked him had fled the scene by the time SCPD arrived, but after getting good descriptions of the suspects and their vehicle and the license plate, they managed to locate the car in the parking lot of an Ocean street motel. Five men from Antioch were detained and the victim was last listed in critical but stable condition, according to police reports.

Shooting on Jose Avenue in Live Oak

Thursday afternoon around 5PM, I heard reports of gunshots off Jose Avenue in Live Oak. At least one bullet entered an outside wall of the house and into a closet of a home where elderly and disabled people apparently live. Good thing nobody was hit.

Guns Drawn on Mission Street

Wednesday afternoon, SCPD made a high risk stop on a car on Mission street near Otis. Details are few as usual, but I heard the stop involved felony warrants and possibly a stolen car. I’m guessing someone was probably arrested but we are always the last to know, if we ever find out at all.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

Last Thursday night around 7:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man who had an active, local bench warrant. He was out of jail on a conditional sentence with search terms. Deputies found him carrying two concealed, fixed blade knives and a meth pipe. His bail was set at $10K, he’s listed as “unemployed”, and yet he’s been released. He’s been arrested 18 times since 2013. He knows the system can’t hold him.

Drunk and Disorderly

After pushing and kicking a stranger, a heavily intoxicated suspect fled the scene in his vehicle which he crashed nearby. He led Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies on a short foot chase but was eventually caught. Deputies and CHP worked together and arrested the suspect for numerous charges.

Pedestrian Killed on Highway One Near Davenport

Last Thursday night around 9:30PM, a pedestrian was apparently hit by a number of cars and run over in the roadway along Highway 1 at the Cement Plant road in Davenport. The cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. Highway 1 was shut down in both directions for over three hours. The victim was a 68 year old man and the driver is a 61 year old from Santa Cruz. The CHP reported the driver cooperated with investigators, and no arrests or citations were issued.

She Really Wanted to Go to Jail

Last Thursday around 3:30PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a disturbance on the 200 block of Bernham court in Aptos. They found a male and a female, and the male had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The female stated she wanted to go to jail with the male, so the male told her to spit on the deputy arresting her and she’d be arrested too. So she spit on the deputy and was arrested too. The male was also in possession of drugs and on probation so that got put on hold too. The 23 year old woman arrested was unemployed and from Aromas.

Boulder Creek Accident Sends Vehicle Plunging Off Bear Creek Road

Friday around 3:30PM, a vehicle was involved in some kind of accident on the 14500 block of Bear Creek road in Boulder Creek. Apparently the car went down an embankment and at least one person might have been thrown from the vehicle as it went down the side of the hill before landing on its roof. Multiple agencies including CHP responded, and a life flight was requested for the victim.

Early Morning Fire Torches Home on N. Branciforte

Around 6:30AM on Saturday morning, SCPD and Santa Cruz Fire responded to a home on fire on the 700 block of N. Branciforte avenue. When they arrived, flames were visible from the second floor of the house and multiple people were seen outside. Nobody was injured from the fire.

Sup Dummies?

Around noon on Monday, a pair of stand up paddleboarders had to be rescued after drifting too far out past the end of the Santa Cruz Municipal wharf. A nearby family member reported them in trouble from the beach. Multiple units responded from SC Fire and harbor patrol as well as lifeguards. I’m guessing they were a couple of tourists who rented stuff from that place on Cowells and got in over their heads.

El Bus del Payaso Corto

Another city council meeting and so of course, that means the short clown bus pulled up at city hall and dumped the usual cast of misfits off for their bi-monthy narcissistic therapy session on community television. And those dumb black signs are just so unoriginal. Has a single mind been swayed by one? I doubt it.

It’s painful to watch these meetings sometimes. Like watching that Curtis guy with the big truck and the big PA system, who seems by all accounts a good hearted guy, have another meltdown in public. Painful to watch. Even more painful is watching Glover applaud him. These people that march him around for their own personal agendas, like Glover, are not doing this guy any favors. Any good will this guy has had with the city is basically gone now, and for what? How does that help him financially? It doesn’t. It won’t. It turns people against him. His “friends” are his own worst enemies here.

And speaking of Glover, it appears both he and Krohn are facing an imminent recall effort. I’ve heard the paperwork has officially been filed. It’s still a long way away from actually happening, the most difficult part is the next stage of gathering enough signatures from local voters to qualify for the ballot. I know of a couple different groups working on this, groups that might not otherwise be working together. But obviously, this is enough to bring those groups together in a unified effort and that’s actually saying something. It says it’s “not personal”, no matter how hard certain people might want to spin it as such. And it’s not about skin color. Justin Cummings seems to have found his groove lately, and he’s not part of any recall effort I’m aware of. It’s about a failure to understand something so basic as he works for everyone and not just his special interest groups that elected him. His failure to rise above that partiality is what got him here. As for Krohn, it’s been a long time coming. For the same reasons. Bring on the recall efforts. Did you see what I did there? It’s plural.

The Weekly Seen

Bye Bye Theta Chi

UCSC said goodbye to Theta Chi after an investigation into a member’s death led to the Chancellor dismissing them. The UCSC chapter of the fraternity has been on suspension while the university investigated the off campus death last year. UCSC dismissed one member of the Theta Chi chapter, and others may face serious discipline. The national Theta Chi organization has also revoked the Santa Cruz chapter’s charter.

Buffalo Chip

So I heard this week that one named Chip, who’s the director of the Downtown Association, is leaving Santa Cruz and headed to Boulder, Colorado. I guess he’s going to be doing a similar job there. I’ve met Chip, can’t say I really knew him, but I always thought he was a good guy. He was pretty instrumental in bringing the Downtown Streets Team to Santa Cruz. Best of luck in Boulder. They actually know how to run a downtown there.

The Happy Story of the Week!

It’s the return of the happy story of the week! Boulder Creek firefighters rescued a kitten from the undercarriage of a car on Monday. According to firefighters, a Boulder Creek resident had found some abandoned kittens next to his vehicle and decided to bring them to the shelter. When he returned home, he heard meowing from underneath his car and stopped at the fire station for help. Volunteer firefighters rescued a tiny kitten from under the car. The kitten survived a trip of nearly 40 miles under the car and is now at the shelter with its family.

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  1. Santa Cruz has suffered long enough from Krohn’s disease and a recall is the cure.

    • I will as soon as I have more information!

      • Ben, if you could please put a link in the Dump to the recall thing for those two idiots – it would be great. I’m sure you were a main reason for the free needle people going out of business.

  2. Donald H. Reimann

    Ben please let us know how to sign the recall petition. Thank you.

  3. I am still mystified as to why Glover was allowed to sit in on a Council closed discussion coverage of a suit for which he was a plaintiff. Aside from the problem of the obvious conflict of interest (i.e. being part of the suit against the City while sitting as council member sworn to serve in the best interest of the City), he can’t participate in the closed session discussion and should have recused himself and left the room until they completed the discussion of that item. Even stranger is that counsel allowed him to participate without making a comment for the record about it. Now excuse me while I reread Alice In Wonderland so I can get my head wrapped around how the City Council works. 😉

  4. greenweenie

    “Five men from Antioch were detained . . .”

    We are now a tourist destination for gangbangers from across the country. Come to town, stab someone and then ride the roller coaster. How Santa Cruz!

  5. Second fire at that N Branciforte address in past five years.

  6. I wish we could recall Elerick.
    Looking forward to signing the recall petitions for Glover and Krohn.
    Excellent reporting as well. Very interesting to see where this is all going.

  7. Sandy Vadge

    Curtis’s tantrum at the council meeting was simply surreal. Recalling when he first came to town, dressed in overalls and sunhat, collecting for Katrina victims. His attire has markedly improved since then, as has his equipment. In Santa Cruz he was made into a hero. Now he spouts completely implausible tales at city council meetings.

    The man is not well. I hope he gets the help that he needs, but I doubt he will. Santa Cruz is possibly the worst town he could be in right now considering his circumstances.

  8. Don’t live in the city but know people who are very dissatisfied with the council and would like to sign so I second the motion to include a link that can be forwarded. Nice to see people rising up. It’s high time. Love that quip “Krohn’s disease”…good one Ike.

    • greenweenie

      I believe if it is a formal recall, it will require signatures of registered voters within city limits. People living outside city limits will skew the results when the city checks the validity of signatures.

      • Greenie, I know not to sign a petition for city residents only but wanted to forward a site to residents that I know and have complained about the make-up of the city council. Still loving your “Keohn’s Disease” quip.

  9. Speaking of registered voters within city limits, why is a certain bathrobed muckraker allowed to register to vote in Santa Cruz by claiming their home address is the Coral St. shelter when in fact they may not be domiciled within in the city?

    • greenweenie

      That’s an interesting tidbit of information. Someone who is a true resident of Santa Cruz should go to the Santa Cruz County Clerk/Registrar of Voters office at the county building and ask them what’s going on. The next step would be to contact a Sentinel reporter (their names and numbers are listed on the Sentinel website). That would be a juicy story. Perhaps it’s only the Teddy Bear that lives in Felton.

    • Mr “Hoarse Noise” uses a “rent-a-box” address within the city
      for HUFF & personal mail and has done so for many years. He
      “sleeps around “ but rents at 5749 Hwy 9 in Felton. He is a
      rabid socialist who lives off the interest of a large trust fund created
      by his parents at a time during which he was considered
      “unable to care for himself “. He believes ALL DRUG USE should
      be legal! Has never worked a real job!

    • I also hate that UCSC students who have lived her all of a minute can vote on local issues as well. Most of them live in “hill top manor” with no real concept on the homeless issues (or otherwise) us locals have been dealing with for decades. Anyone else agree?

  10. 7 signatures will be coming out of my household.

  11. Thanks for another great dump.

    I hope you read this in the senile:

    It’s a good commentary. It’s a very professional piece (and a bit personal but that’s okay at this point) and points to the root cause of the abject failure of leadership from the childish vote-getters that occupy a portion of the city council and ruin our city. Mark wields his understanding well. Incompetence is how things go from bad to worse, from dangerous to deadly.

  12. Annoyed Anonymous

    I began reading this story and got a little confused…
    Pedestrian Killed on Highway One Near Davenport (I had heard about a bicyclist that was hit, but a pedestrian too!?)
    “Last Thursday… …a pedestrian was apparently hit… …The cyclist was pronounced dead…”
    (wait… was it a pedestrian or a cyclist?)
    “…apparently hit by a number of cars and run over in the roadway… …CHP reported the driver cooperated…”
    (Wait… how many cars… but, how many drivers?)
    “…The victim was a 68 year old man (do we know where’s he from?) and the driver (so, it was just one driver…?) is a 61 year old (…Man? …Woman? …Potato?) from Santa Cruz…”

    The story I had seen about the bicyclist (which I’m pretty sure is of the same event), had reported that the one – of the multiple vehicles that were involved – that did actually stop, was a Toyota Prius driven by a female (not that it’s important really, just a little fun fact to add to the story).

    Sad story though, none the less. And scary. My dad, who recently retired and has since moved up north, used to work for Hope Services, with the folks at the Dump over there off Dimeo Lane. He rode his bike from Capitola to work and back every day for the last few years before retiring and had some pretty scary stories where – on multiple occasions – he almost got mowed down by the multitude of oblivious/dumb/asshole/texting drivers that fly up and down highway 1. I’m glad he’s retired now, to say the least. But he does still ride his bike a lot. :-/

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