The Weekly Dump 5.25.18

Early Morning Officer Involved Shooting Near Paradise Park

Two Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies were involved in an early morning shooting on Ocean Street Extension near Paradise Park in unincorporated Santa Cruz early Friday morning. Welcome to Paradise!

Investigators say 2 deputies were doing a routine patrol around 3:30AM Friday morning when they came upon 2 people in 2 different vehicles at a gated, dead end turnout near Paradise Park. A woman was in one car and a man was in the other car. Deputies regularly patrol this particular area due to high criminal activity, with many nearby residents reporting drug use and trespassing in the area. After deputies discovered that one of the cars was reported to be stolen, they placed the suspected car thieves in handcuffs and put them in the back of separate patrol cars. And that’s when Mierda se volvió loco!

While deputies were busy interviewing the male suspect, the woman was somehow able to slip out of her handcuffs, reach through a partially-opened window, and open the door. The woman then entered the driver’s side of the patrol car and, without warning, drove the vehicle directly at one of the deputies, striking him, and damaging both patrol cars. The woman then began to drive the car back and forth trying to hit the deputy again. That’s when his partner opened fire, shooting the woman three times in the chest in the patrol car, according to Sheriff Jim Hart, who spoke at a Friday afternoon press conference. The deputy suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to a hospital and released a few hours later. After the shooting, emergency crews saved the woman’s life at the scene by giving emergency medical aid. She was airlifted to a Bay Area trauma center. The woman is facing charges including attempted murder of a peace officer, and the male suspect who was in the other car is cooperating with investigators, Hart said. The deputies’ body cameras were activated, and Hart released the video footage this past week.

Not in Anyone’s Back Yard

Isn’t it obvious that pretty much nobody in Santa Cruz wants this nightmare in waiting anywhere near their backyard? How did they think people would react? Even John Leopold, the “Father of Dirty Needles” locally, doesn’t want it anywhere near his district, let alone his backyard.

At least the mayor had the courage to tell our mealy mouthed city manager that unless the county steps up and commits REAL MONEY and not their usual lip service, the whole thing will get shut down. Finally an example of the dog wagging the tail here (instead of the other way around we’re so used to seeing). I thought Richelle was gonna jump out of her chair and give him a standing ovation after he read his position statement on all this nonsense with the county, which continues to jerk the city around while acting oblivious to the problem here. Transparency! That’s the problem. And a lack of commitment beyond the usual BS from the talking head media guy from the county you always see on the news.

And why is nobody talking about the fact the city already has a “homeless shelter” on the corner of Highway One and River streets, that the city continues to prop up with more funding every single year for I don’t know, the past 20 years at least? Has anyone driven down Coral street lately? I have. Holy shit! It’s a freaking free for all war zone of homeless campers, open air drug markets, and just a sty of people behaving badly. Why does the city look the other way constantly here? Why does the city allow a festering, human cesspool to basically take over an entire city block directly in front of our existing “homeless shelter”? Time to start shutting this shit down for a change instead of expanding it.

Brothers in Arms

Last week, a couple of men from Aptos were arrested after being accused of threatening and chasing another person from New Brighton State Beach and causing a disturbance at Park Avenue and Coronado Street, according to Capitola police. After searching their home, Capitola Police found six firearms, including an assault rifle and several high-capacity magazines. The 25 year old and 23 year old men were charged with criminal threats and dissuading a victim or witness. Reports indicate they were out of jail within two days of their arrest.

Downtown Liquor Store Security Guard Assaulted

Last Friday night around 11PM, I heard a report of a man who punched a security guard and pulled a knife on him after being denied service at Bonesio Liquors on Pacific and Laurel. The suspect was detained by witnesses on scene. The bum was charged with assault and battery. The security guard needed medical attention for a head wound.

Felton Man Busted For Meth

This past week, Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Deputies stopped a vehicle driven by a man on Zayante Road near Deerhorn Lane in Felton. The man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, and had 15 grams of methamphetamine on him. He was arrested and taken to county jail.

Passenger Dies in Single Car Accident on Highway One Near Aptos

Tuesday morning around 3AM, a 29 year old Santa Cruz man died after he was ejected from a vehicle that ran off the roadway near the Mar Monte Avenue exit of Highway One in Aptos. The victim, who apparently was not wearing a seat belt, was a passenger in a Chevy Suburban driven by an 18 year old Santa Cruz man, according to the California Highway Patrol. The vehicle veered off the highway and crashed into a guardrail, where it flipped and landed on a steep embankment. The driver suffered minor injuries. Investigators think driver fatigue played a factor in the accident.

Deputy Involved in Three Vehicle Crash in Ben Lomond

Wednesday around 1PM, a Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s K9 patrol car was involved in a three vehicle crash on Highway 9 in Ben Lomond. According to the CHP, at least one person suffered injuries, and the deputy’s patrol car sustained some front end damage.

Asleep at the Wheel

Thursday afternoon around 1PM, reports came in about a man passed out behind the wheel of a green Mercedes SUV in the parking lot at 25 River street. The driver apparently lived in the Circles neighborhood on the west side Santa Cruz.

The Art of the Scam Revealed!

If you haven’t seen this video, check it out. I love this video. Gee, look who they decided to pick on here!

The Happy Story of the Week!

The Soquel street bridge downtown will be featuring some cool new artwork as part of the recent Ebb and Flow Festival, which celebrates the San Lorenzo River.  During the last two weeks of May, artists will be installing a responsive art display made of LED neon which will depict changes in the river, including pH, oxygen, salinity, turbidity, and temperature. An associated gallery show will be featured at the Radius Gallery at the Tannery from June through early July.

Food Trucks Not Bums

Food Trucks are taking over San Lorenzo Park when the summer’s first city sanctioned food trucks event takes place this Friday from 5-8PM in San Lorenzo Park. Local beer from Discretion Brewing and wine from Alfaro Family Vineyards Winery with music by the Coffee Zombie Collective. Presented by City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation, FOPAR and Food Trucks A Go Go. The question everyone keeps asking me. Will the Union Foodie Truck be there?

The Weekly Seen

Swanton and Modesto. Drunk meets tree. Tree wins. 

Don’t Forget to Vote!

I got my “official ballot” in the mail a couple weeks ago, and I just got around to filling it out. If you’re curious how I plan to vote on June 5th, you can find out here! Don’t forget to vote!

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  1. Thanks for your invaluable reporting.

  2. Thx for sharing your ballot choices w/explanations. That takes courage. I appreciated your views. I agree with alot you say except for Dianne Feinstein…she is getting up there and has not always shown great courage, but she has a ton of seniority on two really important committees…Judicial and Intelligence, and if the House is retaken then we will need her experience and expertise in the Senate,
    in the tumult to come.
    About that K-nine car crash, was the dog OK? Hope so. Enjoy you column. Makes me glad I don’t live in the city limits.

  3. wish we could move the hand outs away from the city. that would discourage all the illegal camping and give these officers a break. couldnt imagine a job like that. tutoring kids can be difficult at times, but they never try to hit me with an suv!

    love obama too- awesome to see your political perspective. i do appreciate the long time veterans of the democratic party because the type of challenges we are facing right now are huge. this is why putin wanted sanders or trump, but not clinton. he knew she is a greater threat.

    if you had a donation button on this page i would have donated by now! or merch? bumper stickers trucker hats lol? ok i might not wear a hat that says mierda on it … maybe santa m!erda? haha :0) thx again!

  4. i finally read through the choices and im turning in my vote by mail today. i couldnt find a moderate democrat to save my life! if the current federal adminisration werent such psychopaths- and if republicans cared about the environment i would have voted all republican LOL. waaay too left wing. eeeek.

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