2018 Summer Ballot Choices

In case anyone is curious how I’m voting in the June 5th election.

Full Disclosure: I’m an outspoken Independent, who might be described as “fiscally conservative and socially liberal”. Viewed by anyone outside California, I would be seen as a “Moderate Democrat”, and locally, I’ve been described as everything from a right wing fascist to a liberal snowflake. I probably self identify with Libertarians in many ways, but “Moderate Democrat” is pretty accurate in the broad sense. But I’m definitely independent, and don’t align lock step with any party affiliation.

Notes added where I felt like adding some. Some of these positions I really didn’t care that much about (or research) so I usually went with a non incumbent Democrat when in doubt.

Governor: Antonio Villaraigosa

He seems like a viable alternative to Newsom, who I don’t trust and feel is controlled by the Democratic “machine”. Villaraigosa did a good job in LA, and he even has Obama’s endorsement (and I’m an Obama fan).

US Senator: Kevin De Leon

Feinstein has long passed her expiration date of relevance here. Time to pass the torch. He’s also not the “establishment” choice (DiFi is). He’s done a good job in the state senate.

US Representative, 20th District: Jimmy Panetta

I like Panetta ok. He’s a good guy and I think he’s done a pretty good job.

Lt. Governor: Eleni Kounalakis

Basically a powerless position (kind of like the Vice President) but she’s qualified and she’s also the youngest of the Democratic candidates (and we need young, fresh ideas, not old status quo established Brown leftovers). She’s smart and Obama likes her

State Assembly Representative, 29th District: Vicki Nohrden

I hate Mark Stone. I know much of Santa Cruz loves the guy, and he’s a solid piece of colon blocking fecal matter for the local Democratic Machine here. If Stone had his way, we’d probably be looking at locations for “safe injection sites”. The guy is such a menace to the community he forces me to make a hard right turn here.

Superior Court Judge: Syda Cogliati

I hate the fact she’s basically been endorsed by people I loathe, but her opponent is a public defender, and that’s the last kind of person I want as a new judge tasked with interpreting and enforcing the law in Santa Cruz.

CA Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

CA Controller: Betty Yee

CA Treasurer: Vivek Viswanathan

Alternate to the endorsement of the Democratic Machine. Young, smart, Harvard and Stanford educated.

CA Attorney General: Xavier Becerra

CA Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara

CA Superintendent of Public Instruction: Marshall Tuck

State Measures:

68: Yes
69: Yes
70: No
71: Yes
72: Yes


Supervisor 3rd District: Anyone but Coonerty

Assessor Recorder: Unopposed, don’t care

Auditor/Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector: Unopposed, don’t care

County Clerk: Unopposed, don’t care

District Attorney: Unopposed, don’t care. I like Jeff Rosell ok.

Sheriff/Coroner: Unopposed, don’t care. Not really a fan of Hart but no other choices

City Measures:

S: HUGE NO! No new city sales tax!

T: No

U: No (meaningless pandering proclamation)