The Weekly Dump 4.17.20

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

As if things couldn’t get any worse in Santa Cruz, we get this.

I can’t even imagine the actual amount the Boardwalk contributes to the city’s general fund through various sales taxes, property taxes, and associated TOT taxes, but the number has to be huge in both dollars and percentage. Later that day, the county (and the Boardwalk) tried to walk it back a little by saying nothing’s definitive, but come on. We aren’t stupid here. It would be a small miracle if the Boardwalk were to open this summer, and if it did it would be under highly restrictive conditions. You can’t “socially distance” yourself six feet when you’re strapped in with 6 other people on Fire Ball or the Big Dipper. Basically every ride violates the six foot rule. I will miss the summer concerts though. I’m definitely bummed about that.

At least the parks and beaches opened up. Sort of. It’s confusing. It seems to change every day. And people with dubious intellect are making decisions that effect everyone’s lives. Welcome to the new normal.

UCSC Shuttle Driver Dies of Coronavirus

Last week, it was announced publicly that a UCSC shuttle bus driver died of the coronavirus. They last drove the loop route on April 1st and 2nd and was not on campus since those dates. Transit records indicated approximately 19 people rode the driver’s bus route over the course of the two days but their identities are unknown. So we have no idea how many could have been infected. Just like we currently have no idea how many people in general are effected because we lack free, easy to get, TESTING. We have ZERO idea how many people are infected in general right now. We’re pissing on a wildfire trying to put it out.

Points For Trying!

Wednesday night around 11:00PM, SCPD noticed a 56 year old transient riding a bike (probably stolen) downtown casing local closed businesses. Given he should have been inside and had no business being outside or downtown at that hour, they made contact with him. He was arrested for drug possession, having burglary tools, misappropriation of lost property, and possession of counterfeit money. No mug shot. He’s not in jail. I doubt he ever went. This is the new reality of Santa Cruz and Sheriff Jim Hart’s “Get Out of Jail Free” program. I appreciate the hard work of rank and file SCPD but it’s just one step forward and two steps back.

He Was Sheltering in Place

Tuesday night around 1AM, SCPD responded to a home on Hagemann Avenue after the resident reported someone was sitting in their car parked in their driveway. SCPD rolled up while the suspect was still in the car. The 25 year old transient was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, drug possession, possession of stolen property, and violating the shelter in place ordinance. Hey Andy! Did he get a $1000 ticket too? He’s also on probation for multiple counts of various property crimes. County Probation! The gift that keeps on giving! Do you actually think he’s still in jail? Don’t make me laugh. He got one of Jim Hart’s special cards!

The Victim Says Thanks For Nothing!

Wednesday morning around 9AM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 25 year old Watsonville man for domestic violence, assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, and vandalism. His bail was originally set at $25K. But Sheriff Jim Hart let him walk free! Our biggest threat to public safety is our own sheriff. Only in Santa Cruz!

We Finally Find Someone Still in Jail!

Wednesday afternoon around 1PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 44 year old Brookdale woman and charged her with burglary, elder abuse, and a probation violation. Unbelievably, she’s still in jail on a $25K bond.

Robbery Suspect Arrested on West Cliff Drive

Monday afternoon around 1:30PM, SCPD responded to a report of a robbery on the 5900 block of Soquel Avenue. A man walked into a business and stole a cell phone, shoving the victim out of the way before leaving. Police later tracked the phone to an area near Pelton and West Cliff, where they found the phone and arrested a 33 year old male from Boulder Creek and charged him with robbery and a probation violation. Last check he’s still in jail on a $50K bond. County probation. The gift that keeps on giving. He’s been arrested locally 17 times since 2013.

We Are Good at Coddling and Enabling Bums

Monday night around 9PM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 2900 block of Mattison Lane for a report of a man threatening someone with a metal pipe. After they arrived, they arrested a 52 year old transient recidivist. He’s been arrested 47 TIMES LOCALLY SINCE 2013. Talk about coddling and enabling bums! Amazingly, he’s actually still in jail this time on a $10K bond. Nobody tell Jim Hart!

The Not So Magnificent Seven

Last weekend, Seven people were cited $1,000 each by the Santa Cruz Police Department for disobeying the shelter-in-place order. Police busted the group, which they said was visiting from Fremont, at the 7-Eleven on Ocean Street. Good luck making that ticket stick in front of a Santa Cruz judge. All bark and no bite. Turned into a national story on CNN.

Bad Neighbor of the Week

Saturday night around 9:30PM, SCPD responded to a disturbance on the 1800 block of King Street for a couple of people out fighting in public. After they arrived, they found out the two guys were neighbors and one of them had a restraining order against the other one. The person with the restraining order left the scene and went home before SCPD had arrived on scene, so they paid him a visit at home.

Depot Park Mugging Results in Busted Face

Saturday night around 10PM, SCPD responded to a fight in Depot Park. After they arrived, they found a victim with a bloody face who apparently had his nose broken. SCPD searched for 5-6 suspects who apparently beat him up before they headed towards the Boardwalk. Speaking of Depot park, what’s up with that bum camp that SCPD seems to conveniently overlook every day next to the kid’s playground at the end of Chestnut. I have lots of people asking me why this is ok. Selective (and subjective) policing. It seems to be based mostly on an ability to pay.

Not Sheltering in Place Has Painful Consequences

Tuesday afternoon, CHP and other agencies responded to an accident on Highway 1 south of Swanton Road after a 26 year old San Francisco man riding a Harley Davidson tried to illegally pass a driver going northbound in a Honda Pilot, crossing over solid double yellow lines. As the Honda was making a left turn, the motorcyclist struck it. The motorcyclist sustained major injuries and was flown to a trauma center over the hill.

Weekly Shoutouts and Thanks!

Happy birthday to Big Joe! Thanks for all you do for the community. And thanks to all the police, fire, emergency services, doctors, nurses, food service workers, and everyone else putting your lives and health at risk to serve the community. You are the new heroes.

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And you know whose names never got mentioned this week? I’ll give you a hint. They just got fired!

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  1. Thanks for all of your delightful news. I don’t know why Andy Mills is still the chief of police. He’s useless. I’ve lived here all my life and grew up in Soquel. We’ve lost total control of our city.

  2. Ben, I’m so happy you continue to point out the Sherriff Hart’s “get out of jail free” program – which is a complete travesty of justice. By mentioning it every week AND also pointing out the “turnstyler of the week”, you create a drum beat that needs to continue until this guy is thrown out of office. Same goes for Mills.

  3. I continue to be amazed at the local bum situation. These repeat offenders – who break into cars, steal bikes and generally crap all over our community – are almost immune to any sort of consequences. Drive down Pacific or Front and you’ll see clusters of bums violating all the virus rules. What this community refuses to see is that we need more space to incarcerate criminals. The recent trend of moving away from incarceration is a failed experiment where ordinary citizens are paying the consequences. Jails are unpopular – especially in a town full of old progressive hippie-crits – so no one dare say “we need a bigger jail”. We whine about the fact that the local cops and sheriff keep turning these people loose to prey on us but the solution is more jail beds. So, we’re basically screwed. No local politicians will be honest with us and tell us that we need to spend money on a jail instead of public housing for gangs, needles and propping up the local non-profits that expect funding in return for political support. Instead they have decided to allow hundreds of addicts and criminals to roam the streets like a pack of wild dogs, immune from incarceration or fines. So, keep electing progressives. See what this town looks like in 5 years. Its already swirling around the edges of the toilet bowl and with the virus stopping critical revenue streams for local government we can expect even less enforcement against these freeloaders. Build a bigger jail and start enforcing the law EQUALLY.

    • Absolutely right!

    • I would first settle for not releasing the arrested and accused first to fill up the beds we have. Honestly, most of the time when I have checked, the County of Santa Cruz jail facilities (which are located in several locations across the County) have not recently been full to capacity (prior to the new policy of not holding anybody).

      Not that I don’t think you make a good point. If we actually arrested and incarcerated the convicted, the beds would fill up quickly. Even more so if you keep the addicts long enough to treat them and than actually do that.

    • Has anyone looked into filing a citizens’ class action lawsuit against the city/county brought by the victims of these turn-stylers who wouldn’t have become victims if these criminals had been held accountable and sentenced to jail sentences proportionate to their crimes. The victims have standing and each of these criminals has a paper trail. Unless the city and county are held financially liable, they’ve little incentive to use their power to change these turn-styler policies.

      • This I why more people need to know about the Weekly Dump Santa Mierda, people like Theodora just made an epically awesome point. It’s no secret the City of SC has tons of dirty laundry bad practices ect ect ect. How long can we let this go on. I still got go back to old post and nothing changes but the DATE! We can’t blame the police that much I know can’t blame the correctional officers my parents were both and my mom started out as a dispatcher. The “human rights”in this town are ONLY geared for the “criminals” “Parasites” “drug addicts” and the Advocates who make it 10x worse. We need to find the “bad programming” (the real reasons why) SC is the way it is basically why Ben started this up in the First Place. If I were to chime in on all the stuff I see here ID get sick of reading me but here’s another lil tid bit. People are lined up to go into Trader Joe’s around the corner till there on Front st a “bum” just makes it a point to walk along them really close to go to his buddy sitting on the planter boxes in front of Woodstock pizza. Of course people look at me cause I’m headed to my new site but I couldn’t do anything about it. I did call PD yesterday cause in the same exact spot about another “Bum” was sitting in the planter box next to Fed Ex eating nachos he was not 6 feet from the line that’s not what got my attention what got my attention was he was cursing and purposefully making people feel uncomfortable he didn’t have to be there but there he was about 2 feet from the line so unlike today I got involved witch is why I didn’t get involved today it does no good. So I told the guy why are you being so rude and cursing all I got was F-off you “moist back” lover of beans (er) (not what he said but I don’t want to set off any filters). Since it’s no longer my post I just said out loud so people at least know I tried I just said ok if you can’t be cordial in public and want to curse and not keep you safe distance I’m calling PD. Keep in mind it’s not illegal for these “bums” to curse in public PD says its freedom of speech but if your not a bum PD will ask you to change your tone and you should no better- I’ve seen it and I’ve been told it basically you can’t do what bums do if your not a bum. Thought I prefer the term PARASITES instead of bum but I’m done and don’t feel like going back and changing stuff. Please tell all about this blog.!! I don’t want to feel like I should chime in so much I know more goes on around here. But I do love it here it’s a great place to vent and share and get informed. GO AND READ ALL THE OLD DUMPS AS WELL /;) we have the time.

    • Agreed. I live and work downtown and am tired of having to step over sleeping bums and their trickle of piss running down the sidewalks. I guess this is what happens when law chooses to only charge those with ability to pay tickets over the principle of enforcing the isolation law for everyone.
      I’m honestly amazed we dont have a higher covid infection rate from these free loaders who given their chosen lifestyle are the most likely to spread it (and god knows what else).
      Just when you think Santa Cruz cant get any grungier…

  4. Thank you for all the work you do in keeping us up to date. I would love to see more information on the county itself too though, since I live in Aptos.
    Also, who’s that cute Aussie in you swag pic? I love these dogs (I have 2).

  5. It seems that jail is thing of the past. I think it would be good to have corporal punishment such as a stock and pillory. The miserable miscreants could be locked in and the citizens could pelt them with rotten fruit and vegetables. OK this will never happen, but I can fantasize about how to have some modicum of justice compared to the present none

    • The problem with that is we would just be feeding them. They already dumpster dive for food, a few rotten vegetables would be refreshing for them.

  6. Call,email,text send a letter to all friends family and CO-workers. Let’s try and get as many decent folk to follow this blog I think but mostly hope maybe the real change can start here!! Ben it just one man a super-man but still just one, it’s up to us to spread the word. I’m going to work on some stuff to say and be careful not to set off any filters. I truly believe we can make history HERE AND NOW!!

  7. Ostriches,Flamingo’s,Hyaenas,Wild dogs, roosters,Eagles,fat cats turkeys and bears-oh my” we all saw that coming :). The Ostriches are the folk that just do what they need to do and either can’t get involved or can’t be bothered to get involved in the crap they see here in SC 24/7. Either cause they have feel nothing can be done or fear for there and there families safety but don’t like what they know goes on here in SC. And try there best to pretend they don’t live in Santa Mierda.

    The Flamingoes are the ones that either don’t care or narcissistically enjoy what goes on in SC 24/7 and either dabble in the hard drugs or enjoy hard drugs or just don’t see anything wrong with all the above and don’t do hard drugs at all but may have friends or family that do. But they wear the Santa Cruz brand apparel with pride for those reasons or another cause for some reason they don’t like “squares”. The “Activists” fall under the Flamingo/hyaena’s category.

    The hyaenas are the drug addicts /criminals that do most of the car/building/Home break-ins, Bike stealing,shop lifting,minor drug dealing and general harassment of the public and pooping one pissing EVERY WHERE and beat up on the older people and women on the streets “SAD BUT TRUE IVE SEEN IT it’s a sub sub culture of people little know about what happens to them 24/7” hyaenas they can be dangerous when in a group “pack” but on there own they just make a bunch of noise, but don’t be fooled they can turn into “wild dogs”.

    The “wild dogs”-drug dealers,real gang members, pimps or just professional and or harden criminals” are the ones that do the stabbings, shootings, rapes and also assaults there on the streets but generally don’t live on the streets but need to be on the streets to drug deal,collect money,keep track of there prostitutes,buy/exchange things with the hyenas that may have stolen items of value or use “ guns” jewelry “info” ect ect. Also to blend in with the hyaenas.

    Roosters are people like us not afraid to say something and in some cases DO something about what they see. That’s why we are here at the Weekly Dump/Santa Mierda!

    EAGLES!Ben is an eagle!,a person that puts himself out there flies high to gather info and swoops down to keep us informed-And everyone knows Eagles are awesome! Ben is the only Eagle I know- he needs our help and support now more then ever get you gear show your support let all about this blog. PLEASE!!!!

    Fat cats and Turkeys- the high ups that run the show and no one really knows what and why they do what they do, but they don’t do it for free (fat cats) and those who let those with the loudest voices sway there decision making -the council(turkey’s) then there are the Bears SCPD and SCSO doing there best to do a job that’s seems like watching a one legged cat trying to burry crap on a frozen pond. Figured I change my tact and be more entertaining and I don’t know I had fun writing this. If I were to write unfiltered, no holds bared… well we all see Ben’s Deadpool character I’d be the Punisher. But it’s not politically correct and I’m not a savage and it all comes from giving a dam and seeing more wrongs than I can shake a stick at. We all know I’m not afraid to comment here but I’d like it if there were 200+ comments a week by more then just 10-15 people. I do believe us here thanks to Ben have the support to make some real change or get those who can effect change to see thing OUR WAY- THE RIGHT AND JUST WAY!!

  8. My guess is that the folks sitting in planter boxes or under bridges and shouting expletives are most likely mentally ill, (maybe with a sprinkling of drugs and alcohol for flavor) and they are really not able to control themselves. They are frightened of this pandemic too and don’t know where to turn. We as a society have decided to turn these folks out onto the streets instead of doing the hard work of treating them, many times aagainst their will, and running up againsr “advocacy” groups who think the mentally ill are “choosing” to be ill and untreated. Many illnesses in the acute phase cause the patient to be irrational, delirious, resistive to aid…think of a drowning person fighting off their rescuer…it takes time to ease this suffering and misguided advocates prevent tne innitial rescue treatment because the patient is confused and resisting… just saying…oh, and one more thing: just to Dave: if you recognize and know name of person, try calling County Mental Health. The person is quite likely known to them and has someone following their case and needs to know the person is out and about and off meds and needs intervention. It COULD get them the help they need.

    • Thanks Leigh! I agree with all you said!

    • Well I’ve been around and cause of my parents back rounds and having a few family member’s and friends that are mentally ill im pretty good at recognizing the mentally ill from those just wanting to be rude and intimidating on purpose and in my two lil storys this was exactly what was going on, cause it’s allowed in this town. The guy sitting next to the fed ex building planter box I’ve dealt with many times before when i worked the galleria. He’s always stand-offish I know he recognized me cause he would call me the same racial slurs in the same order (customized to me) the other guy who made it his point to walk along the line of folks instead of around them I didn’t get a look at his face but it’s par for the course of how these “undesirables” just don’t Care about the regular folk unless there gettn a hand out or a cigarette and also like to intimidate the general public. And an update on the guy living on River st in front of the 3 story parking garage next to the Wells Fargo theres now a BBQ pit next to his tent and a few signs saying stuff and something about a reward idk. I bet he now has “squatters rights” Idk. I’m now in touch with law enforcement about this. I mean if camping is really legal to do indefinitely in SC lets all just set up tents and stop paying rent go collect an EBT food card and all the other benefits and free stuff provided in SC. I wouldn’t care so much it’s just once you get to know these parasites and how mean rude and violent and the fact that they are usually on drugs or drunks or both and how if there not doing crimes and theft they sure accumulate lots of “stuff” bikes, tools,electronics when they themselves don’t get out much and don’t have jobs and also- how they get coddled. When the rest of us have to stay on the straight and narrow and if we stray we get punished and rarely get breaks- complete opposite for the Parasites in SC. Oh and ya I’ve called for welfare check on more people I can remember back in my Galleria days 1 out of 5 times something got done and if I see someone I think needs help I don’t hesitate to call to get them help. But like I said those that want help in SC are actually getting it the one who just insist on being on the street and doing what we all know they do well…. that’s why we are here to try and do something about it.

    • One way to deal with this is to push heavily for mental hospitals. We basically have none. The mentally ill need help, right now. It’s too convenient to simply lump everyone on the street as “homeless” when in fact they’re an aggregate of transients, “homeless by choice,” junkies, criminals, people temporarily down on their luck and, as we see all over downtown, the severely mentally ill.

      Jim Hart: if someone broke into your house and threatened your family, you wouldn’t take the “misdemeanor” so lightly. Incarcerate these people; figure out a way to protect the safety of the entire community as well as your own family. That’s your job; do it.

      The mentally ill are another story…they’re a danger to themselves and society, if only for public health reasons. Is there anyone here reading this who is willing to take the time to contact your local supervisor, Senator Panetta and Governor Newsom via letter, phone call and email? Because that’s what it will take: they’re the ones who influence the legislature and hold the purse strings, and they’re the ones who can allocate funds for mental hospitals.

      • I just read in the Sentinel this morning Julie that Hart and Mills are using the virus ss a reason for their get-out-of-jail-free card turnstyler programs. How sad is that.

        • What was the reason before 🙂 Aaahh! Santa Mierda.

        • If you’re interested…….tomorrow, Wed 22nd, John Leopold is having a phone-in town hall meeting with Jim Hart on as a guest answering questions. Time is 6 – 7pm
          Phone # 831-454-2222. Use Collaboration ID Number 855976
          From Leopold’s newsletter:
          This week’s Telephone Town Hall meeting features Sheriff Jim Hart. He will fill us in on what he is seeing with regard to enforcement of the Shelter In Place order and other criminal justice issues during this COVID-19 crisis.

      • I’ve always said that the problem here is a health issue. At least for those who havnt chosen to be criminals.
        And yes, it’s easy to defend the “homeless” when you havnt been a victim. Especially when you havnt been a victim several times over like some of us.

    • The problem is there are fakers out there who pretend to be mentally ill to reap and steal the benefits that should be saved only for those who actually need it… and those in charge of sorting it out are either too stupid, ill-equipt, or out right dont care enough to change it.

  9. Sucks for the Harley rider. How much you wanna bet the car had no signal on and just randomly hit the brakes in front of him?

  10. Yup! The homeless by CHOICE, addicts or Parasites as I call them are back at it again and queen Alicia Kuhl still has a “throne”. I got a heads up from my boss she’s trying to get me fired again cause I still park in the same general area I did when I worked the Galleria. And when I get off after Midnight I’ve had to tell a few “bums” to not hang out so close to my car, they then go crying to Alicia Kuhl then she start messaging people. She took pics of my car and plate knows the building I Gaurd and is trying to figure out my schedule. I’d consider that stalking.

    she had me fired cause she threatened the owner of the Galleria that if I wasn’t fired she tell all her “homeless” to start trashing the Galleria. He bent to there commands and had the security company fire me. In the message she’s under “homeless union SC” or something like that she claims it’s her and that union that hire the guards cause she refers to them as “our guards” and also said she told those guards that they are FORBIDDEN to associate with me. Make no mistake the wrong people in SC have actual power and leverage here. Why the “F” is that.

    I won’t be surprised if my car gets messed with or worse since if even if someone is caught vandalizing my car they will be given a ticket and released to keep doing it again and if I step in and try to stop them ILL GET INTO MORE TROUBLE THEN THEY WILL FOR MESSING WITH MY CAR-W-T- to the freakin-F!!!! I’ve been told to get an attorney. I know dam well it won’t do any good the parasites are to protected and probably do what they do so calculated they know they won’t get into trouble. But regular folks can if they mess with them. This town is so assbackwards and I’ll keep saying it.

    I mean crap now that all the rest of us are forced to shelter in place all I see are parasites roaming around hanging out in groups and SHARING CIGARETTES!! And the PD and the S.O keep getting there legs cut from under them or long arm of the law amputated. And if anyone were to see my vids it’s just me doing my job, how else to you enforce-No Trespassing No loitering/Camping/Sleeping on Private Property when the parasites don’t believe that those thing just don’t apply to them at all.

    And all the death threats and threats that if I wasn’t recording or if they found me when I wasn’t working they’d “beat my ass” all because I’m trying to do a job that if I wasn’t doing it someone else will and that was the case I was fired but guards for the same company Panther are still there. The activists are actually using the “homeless” as there own little army and also feed them false information “ freedom of speech crap”to further keep them on there side.

    Not if but when this all comes to an all out war Parasites VS the good citizens of SC I’ll be there on the front lines and am more then willing to sacrifice my life so SC can become the place it never was and pretends to be-a safe place to be and live.

    I’m stuck in the middle of the arguments about shelter in place vs getting people back to work. I’m lucky to not be affected work wise and I’ve always kept to myself and just don’t visit people to often cause I just take care of my wife and her daughter. And it’s a touchy subject and I know my problems are a grain of sand compared to a lot of others people immediate problems because of the pandemic either cause there out of work or they themselves are sick or people close to them are sick or have died. We all are friends here and so far looks like everyone is being civil ( agreeing to disagree) stay strong try to stay sane I’ll do my best to do the same/;)

  11. And another quick tid bit I saw an older “homeless” guy sitting in that same Ol planter box next to fed ex. An hour later he is still there slumped over I called PD to do a welfare check I watch him for approximately 5 min then he moved when a guy gave him some money but until then 20 or more people passed him and a couple 2 cars away were leaning against a vehicle making out. As I was calling to cancel the check cause I was just concerned he was passed out or dead PD showed up, not sure what was said but the officer had him leave. This is why I said some folks here or that visit here are Ostriches/blind by choice I’m now checking on my vehicle ever 25 min with my phone on record:) oh as I had my scanner on I heard a possible dui call car going the wrong way that under up down the street from Denny’s car was a Honda but the plate on it was from a Nissan out of Jackson, but Pd was rerouted to a woman who was suicidal at San Lorenzo park the person who call was named something like “blank blank Eagle” some hippy/Indian or sovereign citizen name. I can’t make this stuff up, right Ben 🙂 get a scanner app folks it’s worth it!!

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