The Weekly Dump 3.20.20

Coronavirus Continues to Wreak Havoc on Our Daily Lives

Santa Cruz has basically shut down. Something called a “shelter in place” has been ordered for everyone here, but you still see people out and about running errands or just out walking getting fresh air. But for the most part, nothing is really open right now except grocery, drug, and convenient stores. Restaurants and coffee shops are take out only. This might last for months. This week the Governor is talking about “martial law”. Good luck there. Nothing will bring riots and mass looting like the threat of stomping on someone’s civil liberties. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Those are “inalienable rights” protected in the Declaration of Independence. It isn’t found confined inside. That’s called “jail”. You want to see people push back in a very ugly way? Try this “martial law” idea geniuses. Newsom is an idiot. He’s going to carry this political bomb around on his back for the rest of his career. And now he’s throwing grenades at us. The fallout from this thing is going to be enormous. Let the sky fall. When it crumbles. We will stand tall. And face it all together.

Adele – Skyfall

(I’m a huge Adele fanboy…..)

The Water Street Human Dumpster Fire is Finally Getting Extinguished

There was all kinds of action going on around the city to deal with the local homeless issue and the growing coronavirus pandemic. And the city seems to be bent on forcing them into shelters whether they like it or not. While Chief Andy and Crew were down on the corner of Pacific and Water handing out eviction notices, a number of new future homeless “triage stations” were being set up in various parking lots around the city.

KSBW’s Phil reported one going up next to the Kaiser Arena downtown. Depot Park appears to be another location. I’ve also heard about something on Coral Street (Skid Row!) as well as possibly Felker Street. So the city’s plan appears to be set up these “triage station” temporary homeless camps and shut down the illegal crap they’ve let fester for far too long. Basically corral them all into these new areas, where they can clean up and get sanitized for their own good (and obviously the good of everyone else). All of this is very fluid of course. I supposed desperate times call for desperate measures and we sure as hell are in desperate times now. And let’s hope they shut that Food Not Bombs shitshow down for good here.

Brent Adams Got Stabbed in the Gut

So apparently last weekend around midnight, local homeless activist Brent Adams got stabbed after confronting some angry tweeker who was apparently raging inside a porta-potty next to Brent’s storage place near the footbridge on Felker Street. According to Brent, he confronted the guy while he was still inside and the guy stepped out of the porta-potty and stabbed Brent and took off, leaving Brent bleeding by the side of the road. Eventually he got a neighbor to call 911 and he was taken to a hospital in San Jose where he got stitched up and he’s out already. Apparently the suspect was also a client of his (or wanted to be) and Brent was able to make an identification. Then I heard on Thursday an arrest had been made, and the guy is sitting in county jail on a $25K bond for assault with a deadly weapon.

It’s been a tough week for old Brent. I also heard the building he rents on Felker was just sold and the buyer wants to re-develop the property, meaning he’s on borrowed time at that location. As much as I have my differences with the guy, I respect his efforts and work and hope he can turn this corner. Personally, I think his best option might be to partner with the county, or a non-profit like Goodwill, and use one of their underutilized or vacant properties moving forward.

Quit Waving Your Gun Around

Around 10:30PM, SCPD responded to the area of Soquel Avenue and Cayuga for reports of a person threatening someone with a gun. When they arrived, they arrested a 73 year old man for just that, making criminal threats and brandishing a firearm. Last check he’s still sitting in county jail on a $10K bond.

Shooting Off His Assault Rifle With His Morning Coffee

Last Friday around 6:30AM, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to Caseta Court in Felton where they arrested a 39 year old man on charges of willfully discharging a firearm with gross negligence, possession of an assault weapon, possession of a bump stock, and possession of a large capacity magazine for ammunition. He’s out of jail on a $5K bond.

If the Shirt Fits Wear It

Friday morning around 9:30AM, SCPD arrested a 24 year woman and charged her with domestic violence, false imprisonment, and multiple violations of protective restraining orders. Her bail was set at $10K and she bonded out and is apparently free to beat, stalk, and terrorize her victim again. I’m not going to post her mugshot (although I probably should), but if you’re curious, she’s the woman wearing the “savage” shirt. Savage indeed. She belongs in a cage.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Last Friday around noon, SCPD responded to the 1100 block of Front Street in Santa Cruz for some kind of disturbance. After they arrived, they arrested a 24 year old male and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats, and a probation violation. County probation! The gift that keeps on giving! He’s only been arrested locally 6 times in the past year. Every other month we arrest this clown.

Turnstiler of the Week

This week we feature a 36 year old bum transient who was arrested around 3:30PM in Maple Alley in downtown Santa Cruz after causing some kind of disturbance. SCPD arrested him for resisting arrest, flashing a firearm, battery on a peace officer, and multiple felony parole violations. Last check he’s still in jail. His bond? $5K. Where’s Jim Hart with his bounty of “Get Out of Jail Free” cards (aka “Pre Trial Assessment” or “PTA”). He’s been arrested 15 times since 2014 locally, 4 times in the past 4 months.

Quit Bothering SCPD

Saturday night around 10PM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Goss Court where they arrested a 72 year old who had been pestering 911 with false reports of a crime. I doubt they actually arrested her, more likely they gave her a ticket of some kind. But she managed to get them to come out and see her. For the wrong reasons.

That’s One Way To Sanitize It

Sometime early Thursday morning, an unknown person apparently torched the Porta-Potty located on the corner of Lincoln and Cedar streets in downtown Santa Cruz.

200 Straight Weeks of Vibrant Honesty

So this week marks the 200th straight week of the Weekly Dump. Not a single week missed in almost four years since I started this. No reruns. No weeks off. And I’m not shutting down for the coronavirus either!

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  1. Does the guy come with the t-shirt?

  2. Let us know where and when the shirts are ready I hope you sell out the first day. I’m for martial law mainly cause SC has been under- criminal drug addicts martial law TO LONG!! Dam it!! Maybe that stabbing could’ve been avoided. But our government needs to know just how bad it is. The only good thing that can come of this virus is if it gets rid of all of the parasite addicts here. Guards might be called out to help if needed it apart if our duties. Congratulations on your work brother!!!!! It’s crazy cool you’ve never let up and you don’t seem that your gonna stop anytime soon. Hopefully unless all the scum bags parasites get the BOOT. then we can focus on the true homeless and the true mentality ill. That have been all but forgotten and lumped together with the dam parasites.

    • Oh and I guess being a bleeding heart activist doesn’t protect you from the ones you want to defend, I hope he will be ok then find a new cause. Oh absolutely no pun intended,but this is reality there not kind box car hobos with jokes and tales to tell. This is why I took the angles I took while guarding the galleria I needed those crazy parasites I was no one to mess with and I always had my phone on record. Take care all let’s pray this all blows over soon

    • Umm so being an addict makes someone a parasite?.. they are all human beings, drug addict or homeless or not. Fuckin wow ??

  3. Penny Ellis

    People are trying to do the best they can to stay afloat right now, including Gov. Newsom. Opinions are like assholes… everyone has one.

  4. Size medium for me!!
    I just can not believe that the advocates are hurting the homeless community. Some of those advocates really need to take the letter seriously. I hope Suzie doesn’t have to put up with those idiots. Thank you for #200 !!!

  5. Can the shirts be had in black with white logo??? Pleeeeeeeaaassse!!!! ?

  6. Dear Santa Mierda,
    Maybe we can look at the probation officers who do nothing to the jerks who keep violating probation? They get paid by the County? Who do they report to? Obviously they are not doing their job. The gift that keeps giving needs to stop!

    Thank you for your reports. Very informative.

  7. I’ll take am XL !! Lookin forward to it !! Keep up the great reporting!

  8. While I’m glad Mr. Adams did not sustain any more serious damage, I also could not help noticing in the Sentinel article about his stabbing, when he stated that there are about 100 really bad individuals essentially prone to, or capable of, this kind of violence. He should read his own statement as citizens have been saying for a long time that interspersed in the homeless population are some really bad actors and why they should be flushed out and incarcerated or sent on their way.

    It would be beneficial for all if Mr. Adams despite earlier advocacy for the homeless population as a whole, would eliminate the blanket advocacy and consider that the ” bad 100 ” are ruining the quality of life for citizens as well as other homeless individuals who undoubtedly must be subject to the bullying and violence of this sub group.

    • Gabrielle Laney-Andrews

      I agree Bluesy1, I live in ground zero for all of this. We know too well about the bad actors, yet those miles from us in very safe areas are scolding us for not being compassionate. I am not in agreement with Mr. Adams, but he is much better than Mr Norse. If Brent could really get the truly deserving separated from the criminals I may just be on his side, maybe… Free camping in one of the the world’s most expensive places to live is not a good match. I was always taught growing up that beggars can’t be choosers. Time to choose a less impacted and expensive place to live “free” (whatever the h3ll that means)

  9. Lets be careful to not spread misinformation in regards to the COVID-19 response.
    Context is important and it seems like you missed it in term of the “martial law” paragraph and just took the opportunity to slam Newsom…
    These public health acts that have been enacted so far (Stafford Act & “Shelter in Place”), free up special funds and give hospitals greater flexibility on types of facilities that can be used to treat patients. It is up to the local police fore to enforce these precautions.
    Stay safe everyone!

  10. New York Mayor blasted Newsome a bit while praising him saying “shelter in place” is the wrong phrase since it really applies to active shooters and nuclear threats. I’m afraid of what the city council emergency has planned for Tuesday as being too much, too fast, and may extend this no eviction thingy to all sorts of issues having nothing to do with Covid-19. Oral Communications at 5pm? Guess they don’t want people showing up. I may skip it as the last hurrah for the leftist/socialists and too frankly, the unwashed attend those things. Newsome predicts 25 million Californians will come down with Covid -19? Jack-wad (can I say that?)
    Apparently the landlords are the bag holders this time around. Skip the rent, no- problem-o. Ability to pay means nada. All you need is reduced work hours, or medical bills. I can see this turning ugly if these measures aren’t lifted by Mar 31 as planned. Total depression and an out of control government throwing the towel in on individual rights. Ultimately the bag holder for all of this is everyone. You notice banks are only “requested” to stop foreclosures, while renters get a pass. Something wrong there.

  11. Jonathan Guy

    I don’t condone promoting rioting, we need to stay home and stop spreading this disease. Not start spouting off about the bill of rights. This the first time I’ve disagreed with anything on this site. I’m a little surprised at that irresponsible statement.

  12. TRUE STUFF-A PD officer told me that our local ER isn’t really equipped the best it should be when it comes to victims of stabbings. I’m sure I mentioned this in a past reply. Just read the stuff on line. I can’t believe how he down played the whole thing, he’s beyond lucky is is alive BEYOND. That’s why my phone was on video RECORD every time I did a “round” or was going to come into contact with our beloved “criminal addicts” like he said you don’t really feel right when you get stabbed that’s why knives are thin and pointy and sharp, great killing tool since we learned to make them and beyond easy to get and carry.

    So he says 100 it could be 1 or 10,000 fact of the matter is even an Activist admits there here. One crazy violent uncontrollable individual can do lots of damage to many people before they can be stopped if there stopping and don’t get away. Could’ve been a local or not either way once an outsider is here there considered local in about 2min anyway,and once here they never leave,WHY SHOULD THEY.

    This is why I said in one of my first comments ever I’d literally sacrifice my life if it would change SC. Mainly cause even on my first shift I knew that may be the case. But one look at me(with a shaved head I look like a Mexican Thug- mainly cause I look just like by biological dad and he was and still is a gang member at 61 now)and most would think twice about messing with me add the fact I’m a guard so the scum know I’ll have something or a few defensive tools at my disposal and guards call cops. But once I learned my phone being out was mightier then any real weapons(well unless stuff got real) that really changed things but not in all situations I have videos of when I was struck and tons where my life is being threatened and all the rest that document my time at the Galleria. I spoke with one of the gaurds there just this morning at 4am briefed him as much as I could since I don’t want to be seen there and my shift started at 4:15 so I had time to stop by I’m always early to any place I work 🙂 young guy from Watsonville like me originally so he to is amazed at what goes on here cause this crap wouldn’t fly one week over there. And not one hour in SV or Los Gatos

    Hats,sweaters,hoodies, (for cats and dogs as well)bumper stickers, stickers posters,POST CARDS!,lanyards the list can go on what you could put you logo on brother and you’d sell them all!! I know easier said then done, but I have a feeling you’ll be better then you expect and you’ll soon expand. You got more support and Quality of support then you know. Or maybe you do. Those that oppose you, well all of your fans know all about them-MIERDA

    I love it here,you Rock!!

  13. Got sidetracked- while talking with the guard he told me on his first shift there he encountered a few “ people “ in the elevator ( that the maintenance guy there come to find out won’t fix the elevator timer so it’s on 24/7) the people told him “Your not supposed to be here!”
    But there supposed to be hanging out in elevators after midnight right…
    chain link fence is up near the clock tower and where the parasites used to “live” next to the SC post office. Want some cheap entertainment and a look inside the mind of one of our many coddling activists she put up vids as she walked along side SCPD informing those there it was getting time to vacate to the other set locations her channel is [social justice] HA! But only for the parasites. Tittle to the latest is -Post Office Encampment Evictions1-4 I believe. I commented not sure if she left my comments up.

  14. R U freakin’ kidding me. In over a week the elections department has only counted like 1000 more votes?
    So now Glover is behind 2100+ votes, and Krohn is behind 1150 votes? And they have like 6000 votes to go and must be done by Mar 31???? What are these people doing?

  15. Found the “Savage” only 3 years older then my wife’s daughter. And my wife says I have the guys eyes and similar features. She would know I guess ,she has to looks at me 🙂 guy on the corner of the parking garage on River st next to the Wells Fargo bank is still just THERE has a “bike” something or other sign saying something. We all now bikes get stolen everyday we see these parasites on different bikes all the time and bike PARTS all over were there are and roam. And the bikes are “laundered” thru the Bike Church. I can’t wait to wear my Santa Mierda shirts!!!

  16. Eyes and features Of the guy modeling the shirt not the Savage woman. Just read what I wrote and it didn’t come out right /;)

  17. Garrett, go to Click on the link that says “Countdown to final vote”. On the 17th they said they had 7200 ballots to count, yesterday they posted they added 4100 counted which means they have 3100 to go and keep in mind that’s county wide not just city.
    Stick a fork in Krohn and Glover, they’re done.

  18. Bahahaha the porta potty got burned Down holy crap ??? whoever writes these articles is funny and amusing. Thanks for that.

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