The Weekly Dump 11.12.21

The Crown Jewell of Santa Cruz

Saturday morning, SCPD responded to a report of a suspicious person inside a vehicle in the area of Jewell Street and Ocean Street. When they arrived, they made contact with a 31 year old male in the driver’s seat. They also noticed a handgun inside the vehicle and detained the man without incident. A subsequent probation search revealed a loaded firearm in the man’s waistband, along with multiple other firearms located in the vehicle. They also found about a quarter pound of fentanyl, a couple ounces of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine inside the vehicle. The man is currently being held on 11 different felony charges at the Santa Cruz County Jail. All those charges and his bail was only set at $25K, so while he’s in jail for now, I doubt he’ll be there much longer, considering the fucking mountain of drugs he was caught holding. Might as well be penny bail for this guy.

Remember the Alamo

Sunday night around 7PM, SCPD responded to the 100 block of Alamo after getting a call from a witness who heard a gunshot and then heard someone yelling that they’ve been shot. When they arrived in the area, they found a victim in front of an apartment on the 100 block of Wavecrest who had been shot in the nuts. The victim claimed he was robbed by someone in a Silver car and the suspects might have taken his clothes. A life flight was called to transport the victim to a trauma center. It sounds like a couple guys rolled up on him and robbed and shot him.

Downtown Stabbing Sends Victim to Trauma Center

Last Friday night around 6PM, SCPD responded to Front Street in Santa Cruz after getting reports of a domestic disturbance that got physical between a male and female in a parking lot. Let me guess which parking lot. The one with the free Food Not Bombs slop? After they arrived, they determined a 19 year old female had stabbed a 46 year old male. The victim was taken to Dominican before being taken by ambulance to Valley Medical Center in San Jose and was listed in stable condition. The female was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. I don’t think Bad Mom or any of her many boyfriends were involved this week.

What’s Up With That Body on Main Beach?

Friday morning around 11AM, SCPD responded to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for a report of a possible overdose victim on Main Beach near the Fireball ride. Fire and medics also responded to the scene and attempted CPR on the victim but he apparently died on the beach. First responders at the scene speculated it could be fentanyl related.

Victim Falls 60 Feet Off West Cliff Drive

Sunday morning around 7:30AM, SCPD, Santa Cruz Fire and medics responded to the area near West Cliff and Gharkey for reports of a suicide attempt. Witnesses reported that a woman had jumped off the cliff, falling about 60 feet onto some rocks at the shoreline. First responders to the victim reported she had a broken leg and injuries to her face. A life flight was called for the victim who was taken to a trauma center.

The Poster Boy For Douchebags

Arguably the biggest asshole in Santa Cruz was arrested this week, after he stole a 10 year old girl’s bike as she rode home from school along the new “rail trail” near Bellevue Avenue in Santa Cruz. Monday afternoon, SCPD responded to the railroad tracks near Bellevue after getting a report that a 10 year old child had been robbed of her bicycle. The young girl was riding her bike home from school with two other kids when they were approached by a male suspect along The Santa Cruz Coastal Trail. The suspect blocked the path of the juveniles, demanded that one of them give him their bicycle, and then fled on the stolen bike. After the uninjured victims were reunited with their parents, a search was conducted but police were unable to locate the suspect. The next day, a Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation worker who had previously seen a photo of the stolen bicycle on social media spotted a subject with the stolen bike under the Soquel Avenue Bridge. Let me guess. Was he shooting up? Officers responded and arrested the asshole, who was in possession of the victim’s stolen bike. He later confessed to the robbery and was booked into the county jail. He’s been charged with robbery, false imprisonment, and battery on a peace officer, and his bail was set at $50K. Still currently in jail.

Meet the biggest asshole in Santa Cruz this week.

Normally I wouldn’t make stuff personal but I’m making an exception here. Here he is.

Watsonville Police Arrest Suspect for Attempted Murder

Wednesday night, Watsonville Police detectives traveled to Lake Nacimiento and were joined by the San Luis Obispo County Gang Task Force where they arrested a 28 year old male who was wanted for critically injuring a man on Carey Avenue during a shooting last month. According to Watsonville Police, the victim is still recovering from his injuries. The suspect was brought back to Santa Cruz County and booked into jail on attempted murder charges. His bail was set at $250K and he’s still in county jail.

The Stuff You Get Out of Jail For Free For in Santa Cruz

This week, it’s carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, carrying a loaded concealed weapon on your person, carrying a loaded handgun that isn’t yours, and having illegal possession of ammunition.

 Idiot Compassion Along Hells Trail Kills Another Local Transient

Saturday morning around 11AM, SCPD responded to Brent’s back yard on Felker Street for a report of a possible overdose on “Hells Trail”, the notorious heroin highway for the homeless. The caller reported giving the victim 5 doses of Narcan, and apparently friends and neighbors refused to perform CPR. By the time first responders arrived, the victim was already dead. They should put one of those signs you see in factories about how many days since their last accident. “3 Days Since Our Last Overdose Death”. Post it on a billboard in front of Brent’s House of Idiot Compassion.

Local Land Yachts Get the Bum Rush

This Tuesday, the Santa Cruz city council had their second reading of a new oversized vehicle ordinance, ultimately passing it on a 5-2 vote. The law takes effect beginning on December 9th.

The proposal includes:

  • A requirement for overnight parking permits for oversized vehicles. Residents’ permits would be valid for one year and allow the vehicle to be parked in a spot for 72 hours four times a month. Vehicles must be parked next to the resident’s home, or if that spot is not available then within 400 feet. Residents can buy up to six visitor permits per year for out-of-town guests. Visitor permits would be similar but valid for 72 hours.
  • “Oversize vehicles” are vehicles or trailers at least 20 feet long. Vehicles that are at least 8 feet tall and 7 feet wide also are considered oversize.
  • Resident permits are available to people who primarily live at a street address in the city of Santa Cruz or own land with a street address in Santa Cruz. An RV owner must have a permanent address in the city to get a resident or visitor RV permit. Post office box addresses do not count as street addresses.
  • Without a permit, RV parking generally would not be allowed on streets, alleys or city lots 12-5 a.m. The limits would not apply to emergency situations such as mechanical breakdowns. The limits also would not apply to commercial vehicles with the oversize vehicle parking permits. Fines would be set for violations.

Brunner, Kalantari-Johnson, Golder, Meyers and Watkins supported it. Justin Cummings, who is running for a Board of Supervisors seat and needs progressive support, and Sandy Brown, the far left’s only remaining puppet, predictably opposed it.

Local Homeless Vets Find a New Home in Ben Lomond

This week, it was announced that the Santa Cruz County Veteran’s Memorial Building Trustees closed escrow on Jaye’s Timberlane Resort, which will be used a provide shelter for local homeless vets. The resort is located off of Highway 9 in Ben Lomond. The new “Veterans Village” is a permanent affordable housing solution for veterans and their families. The property has 10 cabins, a four-bedroom three-bath home and an office that will provide services for veterans. It can immediately house up to 18 veterans with the possibility to expand. Personally, I think we should have a baseline of ZERO homeless vets in Santa Cruz. I think this is a terrific thing the trustees did here.

Weekly Shoutouts and Thanks!

Weekly shoutouts and thanks are back this week for my friends Paige and Damon, who are going through a bit of a rough time at the moment but we love you guys and thanks for not only all you do for Santa Cruz but also for supporting me since day 1 here. Life is cyclical and you’ve got a big rise in karma coming your way!

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  1. Very well written article this week. Thanks for the news and commentary, as well as the statement about generally not letting it get personal. That has to be hard sometimes.

  2. Paige and Damon- <3

  3. Warm and loving thoughts to Paige and Damon

  4. I was just talking with a friend who lives not far from the location of the bicycle incident. He is very leftist (but I repeat myself, since I already told you his neighborhood). He agress that the perp is a jerk (don’t think “douchebag” is in his vocabulary), but was also sympathetic to the poor, unfortunate…. yada, yada.

    But our conversation turned to something that I think is essential: Where does the money come from? If we guess that the perp is not merely an unforunate type whose mind is not there, but an unfortunate type whose mind was lost due to drugs, where would he get the money to buy drugs? Not from selling a stolen bike cheap. Not from any of the various small-time thefts that are a problem to local merchants. Where do the undesirables get the money to economically justify big-time criminals with plenty of meth and worse drugs, and a stash of weapons to enforce their territory?

    I doubt if the money comes from over-the-hill tech types. Their employers would notice if they were meth heads. I hope. There is simply not enough money in the bum population. I hope.

    Who has the money?

    • I’ve already explained where most of them go to get signed up to get checks every week. There’s a few places at the buildings on Emeline. SC needs scum like him and the rest to get money for the “unfortunate”’from where it actually comes from my guesses it Government or state or both- so from us tax payers

  5. I’m going to contest who the worst person is in this week’s lineup. You have a dealer caught with enough fentanyl to kill literally thousands of people. He’s carrying mulitple firearms. Dealers of that level are the lowest of the low. They prey on people. They have people working as drug mules under them. People sell their bodies to support their addictions. Lives are ruined daily. These drugs are one of, if not the biggest factor in Santa Cruz’s homeless problem.

    Now the Jordan Howard incident hits me personally. I knew him when he was a kid. I know his family. He was a good guy until he started running with losers and got into drugs. Drugs fried his brain. Nobody is excusing his actions. We are all disgusted. But to jump on the media bandwagon because this incident is so sensational and then call him the worst in the county is excessive. His family is hoping this gets him locked up and in treatment to get him off drugs. Then he might have a chance at reform. They tried to help him for years, but it became too dangerous. Maybe “the system” can do it. Or maybe the system will continue to enable his behavior.

    • You steal a bike from a 10 year old kid riding home from school in a strong armed robbery and you are the biggest asshole, douchebag, loser this week. I really don’t care about his circumstances. Fentanyl guy is runner up.

  6. Just the Facts

    10 bucks will get you fried for a day. That bike would have easily sold to another dirt-bag for more than that. Drugs are cheap and easy to obtain, hence the large population of zombies. The camps are full of stolen bikes, tools, lap-tops and whatever else they can steal from your car, home, or ten-year old girls. These crimes are reported on-line or not at all. Mill’s claim that crime is down is crap. Reporting was down because nothing was being done about it. Hopefully our new leadership at SCPD will change that. Feel the Bern!

    • Thanks for reporting on the homeless vets housing acquisition. I like a dash of good news on the weekly serving of shit-show status quo.

  7. Barry McOckiner

    I’m curious who is setting bails and how do they come up with these numbers? The dude with a car full of guns and drugs on probation only $25k but the other that stole a kids bike was $50k? In what world does this make sense?

  8. MuyDeplorable

    Ben I hope that you aren’t in jail. If necessary, I can loan you a penny.

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