The Weekly Dump 10.29.21

Stabbing Along Hells Trail

Monday afternoon around 1:30PM, SCPD responded to the Ross department store in Gateway Shopping Center after a man staggered into the business asking for help. He was suffering from a stab wound to the gut before he collapsed in front of the doors. The victim was a transient who was well known to police. Police believe the stabbing took place along “Hells Trail”, the notorious homeless highway that nobody seems able to control. Numerous units responded to the dead end of Felker Street to look for the suspect but apparently nobody was arrested. The victim was treated by AMR for his injuries. SCPD seemed to have a suspect in mind though.

Suicidal Mom Arraigned on Attempted Murder Charges

The Live Oak woman who intentionally drove her car with her two young children in it over a cliff and into the bay was set to be arraigned on attempted murder charges this past Wednesday. On September 17th, Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputies responded to Sunny Cove Drive around 8AM after getting reports of a black Nissan seen going off a cliff. A Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson later said the driver appeared to be going at a high rate of speed when the car crashed through a guardrail and wooden bench on the cliffside. After landing in the water, the Nissan was pushed back into a cove by oncoming waves and has not been removed from the area, according to the Sheriff’s Office. With the help of a couple of nearby local surfers, the driver and her two young children were helped out of the water. The driver was airlifted to a trauma center for her injuries, while the children suffered only minor injuries. The Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office filed charges against the woman, including two counts of attempted murder, with enhancements for serious felony violations, assault with great bodily injury and willful cruelty to children. She’s been sitting in county jail for the past month on a no bail hold.

Naked Guy With Machete Finally Calms Down

Last Saturday, SCPD responded to the 200 block of Columbia Street for a report of a naked and delusional guy causing a disturbance. He was reportedly lighting road flares in his apartment and was armed with a machete. After ordering a shelter in place for the building, SCPD managed to finally arrest the man without incident.

You Gotta Keep Them Separated

Speaking of naked mayhem, just past midnight early on Monday morning, SCPD responded to the parking lot at Cowells Beach after getting a report of a physical brawl. Witnesses reported seeing 3 different people involved, two of them were possibly naked, and one of them might have been swinging a knife. After they got there, they managed to to get the parties separated and eventually arrested a 54 year old naked woman with warrants out of San Luis Obispo for being drunk in public. Another 34 year old woman was also arrested and charged with domestic violence and violating her probation. The naked guy was free to go.

Let’s Get Physical

Last Sunday around 5PM, SCPD responded to the 700 block of Broadway after getting reports of a possible home invasion robbery. A woman reported a male transient who appeared to be high on drugs entered an unlocked back door and attempted to rob her after “getting physical” with her. Police were looking for someone to arrest and charge with attempted robbery and battery but they couldn’t find the suspect.

Driver Suffers Seizure on Mission Street

Last Saturday, SCPD received multiple calls about a reckless driver on Mission Street who was driving about 40 miles an hour on the sidewalk. A witness followed the vehicle and officers intercepted the vehicle after the driver stopped on Crespi Court. After approaching the driver, he didn’t comply with commands and the car doors were locked, while the car was running and in gear. Officers determined the driver was likely suffering a medical emergency and blocked the vehicle in with their patrol cars. After breaking the passenger window with a baton, the driver was removed, and medics treated him for a diabetic seizure. No pedestrians on Mission Street were hit or injured.

Dropping Dead in Derby Park

Last Saturday, SCPD responded to Derby Park for a welfare check on three people lying in the bowl of the skate park. After they arrived, they determined all three were overdosing on Fentanyl. Santa Cruz Fire and medics responded and administered Narcan to revive them. AMR transported them to Dominican Hospital. I heard later at least one person died.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Just after 11AM on Sunday morning, SCPD got a report of a purse snatching near the Post Office in downtown Santa Cruz. The female victim told police that a transient woman pulled a knife on her and stole her purse. The victim and another witness followed the suspect to the Post Office where police arrested her and charged her with robbery, giving police false ID, drunk in public, and violating her probation. County probation. The gift that keeps on giving! Last check she’s still in jail for the time being on a $50K bond.

Flash Not in the Can

Wednesday night around 8PM, SCPD responded to the Jack in the Box on Ocean Street after getting reports of a guy with a gun in the lobby. He apparently flashed it at someone according to witnesses, maybe as part of an argument with an acquaintance. The gun flasher left on foot and SCPD caught up with him near the Chase bank, where two were arrested at gunpoint. Apparently flashing a gun is a misdemeanor now, but he was also charged with felonious forgery and identity theft. He’s not in jail.

Zooming in on the Santa Cruz City Council

This week, the Santa Cruz city council nudged forward a proposed ordinance which would ban oversized vehicles from parking on Santa Cruz streets between the hours of midnight and 5AM. The first reading passed by a 5-2 vote on Tuesday night, after nearly three hours of presentations, public comment and deliberation. The ordinance was first presented back in September by councilmembers Brunner, Kalantari-Johnson and Golder. They also mandated the creation of at least 30 parking spots and safe parking programs within the next four months. The ordinance is set to go into effect within 30 days. In addition to the overnight parking ban, oversized vehicles would be also prohibited from using electric, gas and utility connections, open fires, having unattached trailers, maintaining unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and parking within 100 feet of intersections. Moving in the right direction, even if it means at a snail’s pace.

Santa Cruz Kind Of Has a New City Manager

We probably have a new city manager for the city of Santa Cruz. And it’s not Ryan Coonerty! It’s the current city manager of Watsonville. It’s not “official” until the city council votes to make it official but it sure sounds unofficially true. Multiple local news outlets are reporting it, and even have quotes from the mayor about it. She wouldn’t be talking to the press about it if the deal wasn’t done.

Make it a Thriller

This coming Sunday is Halloween in Santa Cruz. What can we expect? The usual stuff plus a bit more. I’m guessing Pacific Avenue will be open for business, and the closed block (“Restaurant Row”) will undoubtably be hopping with with revelers. I’ll probably mask up and go downtown at some point. Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone.

Thriller – Michael Jackson

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  1. Perhaps with the new “Not Coonerty” City manager, and someone to replace Chief Andy “Take a knee for criminals” Mills, maybe there will be a push for better law enforcement. Success won’t come easy. Addictive drugs are the primary cause of most of Santa Cruz’s ills. Providing a massive space for addicts to live, even with a roof and three square meals a day, they will continue to steal and most will be unable to hold down a job. Some compassionate idiots blame mental illness or capitalistic corporate greed for the addict’s plight. That’s 97% bullshit. It’s the drugs. Regarding which came first, mental illness or drugs, please read this somewhat lengthy and eye-opening article from The Atlantic on the history of methamphetamine production:

  2. This stuff happens everyday, yet people still proudly wear “Santa Cruz” apparel and stickers on there vehicles,makes me want to vomit Cause the sheer blind stupidity cause people THINK SantaCruz is a cool place. Not that Santa Cruz is dangerous it just that Drifters(Mainly criminals on the run), drug addicts (Protected Citizens never considered criminals),Drug Dealers (Social Workers for drug addicts) and mentally ill (invisible to the city of SC) are not regulated,held responsible for there actions and simply not being properly punished for the crimes they commit. I found out recently from a very reliable source that these “people on the street “ are known to get rather large amounts of money every month and they go to dispensary’s and spend hundreds up to thousands of dollars on-weed,dabs,wax and edibles. So if I can’t Beat them maybe I’ll (WE) should join them. I hear it’s not hard just go to emeline st dress bummy and declare your self “homeless” I mean if they give full blown scum bag drug addicts checks for apparently No real reason other then it gives the city of SC more funds to then dish out checks To whoever wants it and I’m guessing if you can prove you love hard drugs and will stab anyone Pull a weapon on anyone at any time they Will cut you a check ASAP. It’s obvious the “street people” have everything they need-drug&booze money,camping supplies,clothing,mass idiot compassion,meals handed out to them,don’t have to pay vehicle registration don’t need a license to operate vehicles can keep drugs and firearms in there vehicles. Then the cherry on top have the city of Santa Cruz not Have the local news and news paper report the crimes that the protected citizens Do every day And especially not letting tourists know what there in for once they arrive. Praise the Ben. Wow he’s been doing a great job-how can we get the White House’s attention but I’m aware we are just a lil Seattle. But let’s erect some more garnish structures,sports stadiums,budget cut our police force,and hand out NEEDLES. Welcome to Santa Sh#t-hole. My prediction 4 stabbings from our protected citizens and 2 stabbing from drunk idiots “celebrating” Halloween and a shooting our two cause you know SC is the place for it. It’s allowed

  3. Judi Grunstra

    I wonder if the new City Manager lives in Santa Cruz or Watsonville. If he has to drive to Santa Cruz from Watsonville and back again in rush hour traffic, maybe he will try to do something to improve public transit.

    • I won’t be surprised iF SC improves the public transportation system before it ever takes care of SC’s REAL PROBLEMS.

  4. City Insider

    Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of amazing things in Santa Cruz…. But people exposing themselves and taking craps in broad daylight on people’s lawns? same O same O.
    Next time you see a Parks and Rcreation worker, please tell them how much you appreciate them….I know I do.
    Without you Ben…we would be lost. Thanks!

  5. I have to laugh, otherwise I would cry!!
    Thanks Ben !

  6. That article from the Atlantic explains exactly why the homeless problem in Santa Cruz has exploded in recent years. It even explains the psychosis behind people preferring to live in tents and endlessly dismantling and reassembling bicycles.This nationwide problem is caused by a flood of cheap powerful meth from factories in Mexico using modern cooking methods .This new meth makes people crazier faster than the old ephedrine method. Every government official, law enforcement officer ,social services provider and medical personnel should read this article to understand the depth and causes of the drug addicted homeless problem.It confirms what regular readers of this column already knew, that the root of our homeless issues is drug addiction, primarily meth.Getting people off the streets and giving them housing won’t solve this.

  7. Just hte Facts

    Enlightening Atlantic article Greenie, thank you. That explains much of what is occurring around Santa Cruz. I just heard from a San Lorenzo denizen this week that heroin has all but disappeared and has been replaced by fentanyl. Certainly would explain the huge uptick in o.d.s locally. Hopefully new leadership at SCPD will bring some change. Dead people in the bottom of the skate-bowl is not good for any community.

  8. MuyDeplorable

    That Atlantic articfle was interesting. But what I cannot understand, is where do the users get the money to pay for the drugs? There’s not a great deal of money in stolen bicycles and whatever you can grab off a convenience mart shelf, especially if you hoard the stuff yourself. If the money is coming from subsidies or disability pensions (a possibility), then I’d think it would be easy to track.

    • I think you’ve been around SC long enough to know how and why these “street people “ gets checks every week/monthly. It’s cause there are places at the Emiline buildings besides where people get food stamps and cash aid I’m not sure exactly what they are or how many there are but I know thru a guy I still know that he gets money put in his account weekly about 300$ and he’s been getting this money for over 15 years now and if he comes up with a good enough story he can get money twice a week no problem he buys alcohol and random stuff with it. He got it long ago cause the city of SC deemed him unable to work in a public work place. I still see his parents at my work they are the nicest of people “typical” and sad. I’m sure if the city didn’t just give people money for no reason most would buck up and get off there asses and make a real life for themselves or just wander to a place that will just give them money. So that’s my thinking IF SC stops just handing out money in a mass scale the lazy scum of the earth will just have to move on to a city that will cater to them. But SC and SC’s leaders won’t cause it lines there pockets well and to many think compassion for all is a good way to live there lives especially people (some but to many not all) I’m SC think this way. Like I’ve said before if regular people in mass started to protest al the time against all they see wrong with SC somebody will have to take notice. I’ll be on the front lines just show me where it is!

  9. I don’t see change… until something drastic and devastating happens in this town….I call BS… lol…Ryan C were you REALLY asked to apply for the City Manager position?

    • I agree but with all that goes on that just becomes the norm in SC what would I take in my thinking it won’t be what the drug addicts OD-Ing or people being caught with guns and drugs and violating probation after being reported flashing a weapon or assaulting someone or violent criminals assaulting people for the 30th time it won’t be a lil girl being killed in a low income housing development-that’s why I call those types “protected SC citizens” cause basically they are It won’t be another fire caused by them or a scum bag in a dirt bike endangering people’s lives and running from cops. No I think it’ll be when regular good citizen Start giving real resistance and actually that’s physically fighting back openly protesting every day all day and flipping the script and going into tents and harassing and stealing from them and randomly harass And assault the “street people” cause we all know it’s what they do to us every day all day. That’s what I think will get all these idiot compassion leaders and citizens attention. I’ve already put my life on the line proactively Doing my job as a security Gaurd and have the videos to prove it that I even put on social media and A.cole had the power to shut me down By threatening the owner of the Galleria that if I wasent pulled from that site and made to have my vids pulled from social media that she would tell her loyal army of “street people” to take over the Galleria and any Gaurds there will be just “collateral damage” he folded I was fired and forced to take down my videos. THAT should’ve been a big eye opener But I did find I had support from QUALITY people. I read the older dumps and only thing that’s changes in SC is the DATE. I don’t always agree with you comments but highly respect you for you constant attendance here in the comments section. Here’s to change

  10. MuyDeplorable

    Ben: I’ve noticed a recent uptick in the number of tents along Highway 1, near Western Drive. At any given time, there might be one or two there, but now there seems to be a lot more.

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