Frequently Asked Questions

Who Writes the Weekly Dump?

The Weekly Dump is written by Ben Dover with frequent contributions by Hugh Jorgan.

When is the Weekly Dump Published?

The Weekly Dump is usually published every Thursday night in order to facilitate a weekly delivery every Friday.

Can I Get The Weekly Dump Delivered to my Email?

Sure. We just need your email address. In the bottom right corner of every page of the website, there’s a small black box that says Follow “The Weekly Dump”. Click that little box and add your email and submit it. You should get another email confirmation to click to subscribe. If that doesn’t work for you, you can reach us through the Contact page form and we can manually add you.

If I Share My Email, Am I Going to Get Bombed With Spam?

No. We don’t share our subscriber list with anyone, nor do we send unsolicited emails to the list. The only thing you’ll get is the Weekly Dump.

Can I Opt Out of My Subscription to the Weekly Dump

Yes, you can opt out at any time and be removed from the mailing list at anytime. There is a link to opt out at the bottom of every Weekly Dump that is delivered to an email address.

Where Does the Weekly Dump Get It’s News?

We get our news from a variety of sources, including but not limited to mainstream news websites, city and county media logs and published reports, social media, and through real time reporting from a number of online sources. We have a number of well connected sources in the city and county governments we use regularly for tips and information, as well as to validate tips and information. But we are not a “news” website. We are an “op/ed” website that comments on local news, some of which we source ourselves.

How Do I Submit a Tip or News?

Use the contact form here.

Can I Leave Comments on The Weekly Dump?

Yes, we enjoy comments. The first time anyone comments it is moderated. If you pass that test, future comments are not initially moderated, but we reserve the right to moderate or remove any comment for any reason at any time.

Are There Rules About Commenting?

There are rules about commenting. No spam. I don’t spam you so don’t spam me. If a comment is posted strictly to promote something, it will be removed and the author will be blacklisted.

But my main rule is this:

Don’t make things personal. If I think it’s getting personal, it’s getting moderated.