The Weekly Dump 7.15.16

Central Home Supply Robbery Goes Up in Smoke

chsA 29-year-old Santa Cruz transient man was arrested Wednesday night after he broke into Central Home Supply on River Street, initiated a standoff with police, then set the building on fire, police said. Police believe the man targeted the landscaping and construction materials business because of ongoing problems with illegal camping in a wooded area between the business and Highway 1.

“They steal our tarps and damage our product and build a tent city out of that,” business owner Rusty Santee said Thursday. “It’s been a problem for years.”

Been a problem for years. Yup. It’s right across the street from the Homeless Services Center. Been a problem for years. Been telling the city this for years. Always falls on deaf ears. No word from Don Lane, city council person and chief apologist for the homeless services center.

Read more about it here.

Carjacking and Shooting on Mission and Bay

Monday night around 9:30 in the evening, at one of the busiest intersections in all of Santa Cruz, a man approached a car with a gun and demanded the car from the 2 men sitting inside. The driver instead hit the accelerator and turned east on to Bay Street. The gunman fired two shots toward the men. They ran from the car and were not injured. The gunman took the car. Read more here.

Illegal Nightclub Busted in Harvey West Park

The Santa Cruz Police Department’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team closed down an illegal nightclub operating on the 300 block of Coral Street, police said Monday. Over the past month, undercover officers visited the club and observed employees selling alcohol without a permit, and allowing club-goers to use and distribute drugs. The investigation also revealed that the club stayed open until 6 a.m. About 40 club-goers were inside the club’s warehouse-style building when police arrived with a search warrant Saturday night. Police said they seized a large amount of alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and a stolen firearm.

Read More!

SCPD Launches New Online Bike Registration Form

SCPD recently announced that they’ve launched a new online option for bike registration.

Register your bike online here!

Free Concert With Santana & Journey Singer Gregg Rolie at the Boardwalk!

Gregg Rolie is responsible for co-founding two phenomenally popular super groups—SANTANA and JOURNEY. In 1998 the world-class keyboardist-vocalist-producer was inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame as part of the original Santana band. His incredible singing talents will forever be immortalized by his unforgettable lead vocals on classic Santana hits including “Black Magic Woman,” “Evil Ways,” and “Oye Como Va.” Join Gregg Rolie and his band as they perform original Santana hits the way you remember them! Shows at 6:30 and 8:30.

Weekly Shoutouts!

Weekly shoutout to all the fine folks at the SCPD. It’s been a crazy week and we appreciate you guys. Thanks for trying to keep the peace.

DeCinzotized – Classic Steven DeCinzo


City Council Election Watch

So we’re into July now, and soon the candidates running for the city council will become much more visible. You’ll start seeing their signs popping up everywhere all over town. You’ll see them at community forums debating local topics. So maybe it’s time to start looking at who they actually are. I’ll start by sharing a bit of what I know. I’m also going to rate them on what I’m calling my “Progress-o-meter”. 1 being a Trump Republican. 10 being Don Lane. I’m not endorsing anyone yet, as more candidates may still declare. But I still have an opinion about the candidates who did declare!

Declared Candidates:

  • J.M. Brown
  • Dru Glover
  • Nate Kennedy
  • Steve Pleich
  • Cynthia Mathews
  • Steve Schnaar
  • Martine Watkins

J.M Brown:
Brown is a former reporter for the Sentinel. He works in communications and brand management with a successful local firm, and has an impressive list of endorsements. They include Assembly member Mark Stone, County Supervisor Ryan Coonerty and former mayor Hilary Bryant, also a campaign advisor to Brown. He is currently serving as a City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Commission member and a member of the Santa Cruz County Housing Advisory Commission. I wouldn’t go so far as to proclaim him a “moderate” candidate, but he’s moderate compared to most of the others. He’s close to Katherine Beiers, who I consider a local disaster. She endorses him. He has the endorsements of 4 of the current 7 council members (Comstock, Noroyan, Terrazas, and Chase) and would likely get Mathews endorsement if she wasn’t running against him. So he’s a “mixed bag”. Or as I like to say a “wild card”.

Do I know them personally? No
Progressometer Rating: 7

Dru Glover:
Founder of “Project Pollinate”, a community activism group that likes to throw parties 4 times a year in San Lorenzo Park. Not sure if he works or what his paying job is. Seems to be popular with the younger “progressive” crowd (UCSC students in particular). Has never held public office before. Seems like a very intelligent guy, very good public speaker with charisma. Supports many of the local progressive causes and much of their agenda, though he seems to cherry pick who he works with (doesn’t really work with Norse or the HUFF loons).

Do I know them personally? No
Progressometer Rating: 8

Nate Kennedy:
Nate is a local homeless (or perhaps formerly homeless) guy who is known for making origami cranes out of paper and handing them out to people walking along Pacific Avenue. He seems to have a few past scrapes with law enforcement, and may suffer from ongoing medical issues. But he actually brings some good ideas to the table. He brings some completely wacky ideas to the table too. He has the support of the local progressives (but probably from a distance). I think he’s mostly running so that his ideas get heard. In reality, he has little to no chance of winning a seat. But he brings color and flair to the summer debates!

Do I know them personally? No
Progressometer Rating: 9

Steve Pleich:
I’ve known Steve for a few years. Not really well but we know each other. I actually like Steve personally, but I have my issues with him on the city council. He seems to try every 4 years and always comes up well short, so I don’t really expect this time to be much different. He loves attention. He loves the limelight. He loves to hear himself talk. He has run twice before, largely on repealing the sleeping ban and other homeless issues.

Do I know them personally? Yes
Progressometer Rating: 9.9

Cynthia Mathews:
Current mayor. Long time city council member. Long time property owner and manager. Has been involved in Santa Cruz politics for at least 20 years. Has been Mayor previously. She has had a history of leaning progressive but has become more moderate in recent years. I can’t really say we’re friends but I know her and I have a lot of respect for her. She always seems to have the best interests of the entire community in mind, not just a favored group.

Do I know them personally? Yes
Progressometer Rating: 6

Steve Schnaar:
Founder and director of the Santa Cruz Fruit Tree project, and a volunteer mechanic for the Bike Church. Long time social activist. Has had previous issues with SCPD and the city council. Married to Stacy Falls, longtime progressive advocate for homeless issues and co-founder with Brent Adams of the sanctuary camp project.

Do I know them personally? No
Progressometer Rating: 9

Martine Watkins:
A mother of two, Watkins works as the senior community organizer in the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. I know Hugh thinks highly of Watkins, and I think highly of Hugh’s opinion. She also has a strong, mixed bag list of endorsements from local politicians and leaders. I think she leans progressive but not when it gets in the way of public safety.

Do I know them personally? No. But Hugh does!
Progressometer Rating: 7

Hugh’s News!

City Council is on break for the month of July. Hugh will be back in August.

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  1. Tannery Resident

    Thanks for pointing out the fact the Homeless Services Center is across the street from where the fire was. I live nearby and it’s gotten worse. Lots of homeless camping along the river down to Paradise Park. It should have never been allowed to get this bad.

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